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2018 Red Carpet Gala


2018 Red Carpet Gala


As a member of The Academy, you are invited to an exquisitely delightful two night retreat September 2018 in Toronto at one of our most luxe hotels. And we will TAKE.CARE.OF.YOU. Fully and completely.


Two nights of immersed luxury and deepened connection.
A culmination of the nine exquisite months we’ll have cherished together.
A gift you’ll never forget having given yourself.
The very best of me. The very best of my city. In September! (My favourite time of year.)

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A wonderful and fitting end and celebration to all the work done during the Academy. It was a definite motivator when the work got hard. I felt I couldn’t celebrate fully at the gala if I didn’t do all the work to the best of my ability.
— Laurie Rauk
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I absolutely loved being in Tanya’s home, her sacred space, sharing that with us was so special. I loved the in person coaching time as well as casually hanging out getting hair and makeup done together. The absolute attention to detail and making us feel so special at all times. The dinner that felt like a girls night out with your very best friends. The post-dinner that solidified the bonds even more.
— Robyn Holloway
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The Gala drew the much-needed line to celebrate all of the hard work that we completed individually, together. The pampering, logistics, celebration, company, and combined focus was the perfect way to cap the work, without diminishing the connections and ongoing work that we all have to do.
— Geri Jewitt
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Friday, September 21, 2018

The guestrooms have recently been renovated, combining sophistication with modern amenities. It truly redefines luxury. Accommodations in this iconic hotel feature the finest in furnishings, custom bedding and vintage crown moldings, all with impeccably appointed marble bathrooms perfecting every aspect of the experience.

Choose between a private room with a King bed or a double room you share with a sister. First come, first served.

Total luxury fit for a Star.

You’ll get your sweet, Star-Stepping self checked into the legendary Omni King Edward Hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto anytime between 3pm – 5pm. Those in the know call it the King Eddy...but we’ll rename it the Queen Eddy for the weekend. This is where you’ll stay for two nights.

Stunning architecture. Rich history (Louis Armstrong! Mark Twain! The Beatles! Elvis Presley! Rudolph Valentino! Ernest Hemingway! Elizabeth Taylor! You!)

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Our team will be waiting for you upon check-in. Up next, chill, meet your sisters, have a soak in the tub, head to the cocktail lounge, maybe all of the above! 

Cars pick you up at 7:00pm and whisk you to my favourite place on earth: MY HOME. I don't invite just anyone, And I can’t wait! We’ll canoodle, catch up and bask in each other’s wisdom, experiences, stories, hopes, and dreams.

Saturday September 22, 2018

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After a night of sweet sleep you’re invited to a Saturday morning customized Starring Role yoga session followed by brunch and then a 60-minute massage (OR delay this decadent treatment for the spa of your choice back home if you prefer to lounge in your room or see some of the sights.)

By early afternoon it’ll be time to get your hair and makeup done by our team in preparation for the night ahead! (We’ll gather together for this experience - champagne, light snacks, more great conversation. There can’t possibly be enough of this, can there?)

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You’ll get dressed in your best Stepping into Your Starring Role outfit (the one you’ve been trying on again and again) and be ready to shine by 6:00pm when cars arrive to escort us all to the Saturday evening Gala. 

I can’t tell you all the surprises that await, but...think photographers and some special guests. It’s a beautiful evening designed to celebrate your brilliant light. Easy. Stunning. Amazing. Dinner and celebration in style.

Sunday September 23, 2018

Check out is by 11 am so we’ll be saying our farewells over breakfast. But no need to say goodbye to Toronto! Stay a couple of days. We’ll make sure you’ve got a fabulous list of must-sees!


See you in September!

See you in September!

Your investment includes: 

  • Two nights accommodation at the luxurious King Edward Hotel
  • Airport drop-off and car service to all scheduled locations throughout the weekend
  • Four meals (Friday cocktail reception with many MANY appetizers, Saturday brunch, Saturday dinner with champagne toast(s) and Sunday breakfast)
  • A custom designed Academy yoga class
  • Massage
  • Hair and makeup
  • Invaluable, priceless time with your Starring Role peers
  • Luscious royal (and Star-worthy) treatment throughout

The only detail you need to manage is getting yourself to the Omni King Edward Hotel. We’ll take it - and take care of you - from there! (We will even make arrangements to get you back to the airport on the 23rd if that’s your day of departure.)

Double Room

$2697 - $500 Academy Discount

Upgrade to a
Single Room

$3197 - $500 Academy Discount

The only detail you need to manage is getting yourself to the Omni King Edward Hotel. We’ll take it - and take care of you - from there! (We will even make arrangements to get you back to the airport on the 23rd if that’s your day of departure.)

The red carpet awaits!

All of your retreat payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

Why? Some of it’s purely logistical (we’re getting special rates from the hotel who require non-refundable deposits and so on and so forth) but moreso, we all know how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh, no, I don’t reeeeally need to go” or “Life is just so busy!” or “Changed my mind!”

A hard and fast refund policy ensures whoever’s in is IN. And we know we can count on you.

Saying YES to an experience and then fully showing up? That’s where the magic is at.

(Well...that and in September in Toronto.)

BY ALL MEANS, ASK US ANY Q’S. We are totally and completely here for you.