I have worked with hundreds of women on owning their goals, finding clarity in their purpose, and getting the results that change their lives. I'm a masterful CTI-certified life coach, a wife, a mom, and TEDx Women speaker (on, what else? The Impostor Complex). I’ve been called The “Star Tipper” by Danielle LaPorte and the Empress of Empowerment by more clients than I can count. I’m pretty proud of both of those monikers. 

I love fiercely.
I live boldly.

And I have also listened to the ugly voice of the Impostor Complex one too many times.

This program is the result of years of curiosity about my own personal struggle, my own seeming lack of ability to let the light shine on my greatest gifts. It's also the fourth time I've run this. To wild and thunderous applause.

It's the culmination of research, coaching experience, and alas, life experience.



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Lisa Briggs


Step Into Your Starring Role allowed me to finally name and articulate not just the words, but the feeling of who I am and what I do in my work. I could see and know the truth of who I am and what I create. That changed so much about my work- it made it easier to write copy, to create programs, and to walk in the world in a newly refined energy and my Divine Identity. Working with Tanya Geisler in any capacity, is something I would recommend to those I most love... she is beyond talented, intuitive, generous... she is unusual.

Sign yourself up.

Amy Miyamoto


The most unexpected and delightful surprise was the power of the community of bright stars she attracted here to do this transformational work with me. It really put a point on the universality of the growing pains involved with this quantum leap work. Having Tanya and these powerful women in my corner gave me much courage in taking the big leaps and trusting that I would be safe and held no matter the outcome.

Christine Francoeur


The program Tanya’s developed to help us understand and conquer why we hold ourselves back is so unique, insightful and truly brilliant! 
Many times I sat back completely astounded. She’s a masterful coach and it shows. She was able to turn my impostor complex upside down and invite me to accept what I hold true in my heart. Drop any doubt and
step up with Tanya. She’s got you.

Amy Palko


I am leaving this program with a much deeper appreciation of my own values, with a system I can apply to every new cycle of my growth, and with a grounded sense of my own worth. I am leaving this program with that missing piece of myself fully integrated.
I am leaving this program whole.

Barbara Churchill


I wanted to let you know I've made some really amazing progress with my Inner Critic work and my confidence level. I've had a couple of business clients that hired me to speak, then were blown away by the outcomes and want more of what I do. Totally fabulous!!!! I made a breakthrough and realize that my value, my worth, my gifts and talents MUST be shared because they were given to me to do so. I haven't felt this good in a very long time - if ever.

Thank you SO much for this course and the work I've gotten to do. I am a stronger, more powerful woman because of it.

Thekla Richter


I would recommend Step Into Your Starring Role to any woman who needs to bridge the maddening gap between “almost ready” and “truly ready” to move forward and manifest her dreams. Tanya’s powerful exercises, perceptive witnessing and gently nudging support all helped me realize how I could begin to more deeply engage with my own strengths and inner critics.

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