I have worked with hundreds of women on owning their goals, finding clarity in their purpose, and getting the results that change their lives. I'm a masterful CTI-certified life coach, a wife, a mom, and TEDx Women speaker (on, what else? The Impostor Complex). I’ve been called The “Star Tipper” by Danielle LaPorte and the Empress of Empowerment by more clients than I can count. I’m pretty proud of both of those monikers. 

I love fiercely.
I live boldly.

And I have also listened to the ugly voice of the Impostor Complex one too many times.

This program is the result of years of curiosity about my own personal struggle, my own seeming lack of ability to let the light shine on my greatest gifts. It's also the fourth time I've run this. To wild and thunderous applause.

It's the culmination of research, coaching experience, and alas, life experience.

And now, I am doing it one and one with you.