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The Starring Role Academy


The Starring Role Academy


You’re the good girl who was
destined to become the “perfect woman”.
Always have been.

The one who everyone turns to to make things better, smoother, more...right.

The one who tosses and turns at night because of all she didn’t do, didn’t save, didn’t GET quiteright.

And while you were busy making sure that everyone else was okay, that you didn’t take up too much space, that you smoothed, buffed, polished and bridged, you started to miss something. Something like everything.

Your SELF.

And the further you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of people-pleasing and comparison and perfectionism and leaky boundaries and dimming your own light (hallmarks of the Impostor Complex, by the way), the further and further you’ve gone from your SELF.

How’s that been working out for you?

Oh, I know, the kids are alright and the bills are getting paid and steps are being taken in the right direction, for the most part. Which is no small feat in and of itself. (But you don’t celebrate that do you? Heavens no...there is still far too much to be done. And besides, you tend to chalk your successes up to being accidents. The Impostor Complex is alive and well with you, Love.)

Here’s what I see:

Your heart is huge. Your capacity is even bigger. And there is a you-shaped space in the universe just waiting for you to step into. To expand into, taking your place among the stars.

Can you feel the truth of that?

I know, it feels big. It feels daunting.

But that catch in your chest you just felt? That’s called resonance and it knows the truth. It IS the truth.

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Consider this:



Consider this:



Stepping into your Starring Role may be easier than you thought.


It may be harder than you thought. 

Not everyone will like it. Especially those who feel bigger when you remain smaller.

But it will be everything to you and to the people you are here, really here, to love and to serve.

And from this place, you will be the fullness of who you are. Your funny, wise, powerful, tender, loving, angry, compassionate, pragmatic, dreaming self.

You will know joy. You will know purpose. You will make decisions and choices and right next steps and changes happen.

Organized. On purpose. Activated. Alive. Seen, seeing, known and knowing.

Because from here, you have your shit together.

You KNOW who you are.

You, in your Starring Role.

Glorious, rising and shining.

You’ve been called. And you’re required to answer the call.

(No pressure.)

What the world needs, really really needs is to watch a woman live, speak and stand in her truth without explaining, equivocating, bridging, polishing, smoothing.


Fully, completely and unapologetically.

So, if that means you will start the organization that changes everything? Bring it.
If it means you create the business that allows you the freedom you’ve always desired? Bring it.
If it means you will take the mic and say what needs to be said? Bring it.

Then watch as you inspire ten more women to do the same. Hundreds. Thousands.


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The Starring Role Process

The Starring Role Process

The Step into Your Starring Role process is the one I’ve been living and perfecting my whole life. I’ve taught the process to  thousands of people so far through workshops, webinars and live events, individual coaching and group coaching programs and most recently, through the self-guided digital Starring Role Playbook.

To be certain, the Step into Your Starring Role process is THE process that graciously and expertly guides you from HERE to THERE. From apprenticeship to mastery. From wish to fulfillment. From dream to do. From waiting to be tapped in to taking centre stage (EXACTLY where you belong).

The same process you will, gratefully, come back to time and time and time again, every time you are on the precipice of expansion. Of your desires.

Because as we say around here: the party is on the other side of the resistance.

So yes, the PROCESS is boss.

maggie patterson starring role academy impostor complex
Going through the Starring Role Academy has let me be more myself with less apologies, less diminishment and - in the best way - with less fucks to give! This is the personal work that so many people ignore, but is crucial if you want to make more impact in the world or in your work.
— Maggie Patterson
Step into Your Starring Role is a proven coaching process so you can learn how to respond to the Impostor Complex when it comes up and move forward despite the little voice in the back of your head.
— Tara Gentile
tara gentile
lacy boggs starring role academy impostor complex
I knew I needed this program because I wasn’t putting myself out there, in so many ways. I wasn’t sharing myself as an expert. I wasn’t charging what I was worth. I was questioning my value - even when no one else did.

I signed up because I was tired of having to go through big breakdowns to get to big personal breakthroughs. I knew there had to be a better way.

The Academy gave me a map to follow for personal growth. I can finally take big steps and still feel ease in my business and personal life. And I’m pitching and selling bigger contracts than ever before - I just closed one for $18k and another for $10k.
— Lacy Boggs
I’ve always admired women with strong voices, and I knew I wanted to be more confident and feel strong in mine... but I didn’t know how to get there on my own. Thankfully, Tanya did! The Starring Role Academy is a powerful catalyst to knowing yourself better and showing up in the world at your best and brightest.
— Brittany Becher
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But it’s The Academy that the brilliant lights who are drawn to deepening into this work have been asking for.

More immersed time with the content. More community. More coaching with ME. More activation. More propulsion. And an in-person celebration.

We listened.

And so...the envelope please...


Introducing, the Starring Role Academy

Introducing, the Starring Role Academy

Nine months to nurture, grow, and embolden that Starring Role of yours. 

(Don’t like the “starring role” language? Fine then. Think authority. Mastery. Sovereignty.... I could do this for days.)

With the Starring Role Process,  a community of like-minded sisters who not only believe in you, are COUNTING on you to stand up, speak up, shine up AND me by your side? Unstoppable.

The Starring Role Academy experience is packed with Tanya’s expertise, whip-sharp intuition and affectionate support. The changes are bone-marrow-deep. Helping you transform into the version of yourself that you’re just starting to hope you could become is Tanya’s superpower. Take her up on the challenge, because it’s exactly what brilliant, soul-weary women like us need.
— Amy Oscar
amy oscar starring role academy
This is truly Tanya’s super-power-genius work. She has supported me to step further into my Starring Role in a significant way... so much loving-fierce support.
— Bari Tessler
In the Academy, I built the confidence to be myself in all facets of life...from business (price increases and client list refinement) to family (including more direct communication with my family). I loved the amazing and expansive community of other women who were willing to step up and do the work. After the experience of the Academy and the gala, I finally feel like I am being fully me.
— Laurie Rauk
laurie rauk cpa starring role academy
I signed up because I was ready to stop living small and being quiet. I can’t find words that are adequate enough to express my feelings of honor, respect and appreciation for being a part of this program. I’m living a more vibrant, inspired life. I feel like a f*cking firecracker- and I’m finally acting like one too!
— Kristina Eisenhower

“I’m ready to step up. Been ready for a while. I keep trying, but I can’t seem to get off this plateau.

What can I do, once and for all, to make this happen?”

“I feel like I’ve been hiding REAL self from the world. If I’m really honest, I’m more afraid that I might actually be successful than I am of failing. And I suspect that’s what’s keeping me boxed in.”

“I’ve got the clients, I’ve got the name, I’ve got the business...but it’s the Empire I want. I’m pretty sure everyone in my immediate circle thinks I’m insane for wanting to rock the boat, for wanting even more.”

This is the work that will get you unstuck and call you forth. (Hint: that feeling of “ready”? It can be trusted.)

This is the work that will heal your fear of success. For good. The great news is that the REAL you isn’t scary. Nor is success.

This is the work that will draw in your soul sisters. (Hint: they’re not afraid of how bright you shine.)

So, really.

Exactly what you’ve been waiting for. (Kinda like the world’s been waiting for you to fully step into the you-shaped hole in the universe.) 

I reckon you’d wonder where to sign up, right?

This work has something uncommon to it.
— Vanessa Mentor

There are three potent aspects to this uncommon work that the luminous Vanessa Mentor is speaking to.

One - the content. This is the best of the best work available for helping women step over the Impostor Complex and INTO their starring role. Period. 
Two - the coaching. I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to making sure that you are running the show...and not the Impostor Complex. I see it all and hear it all. And I will name it so that we can tame it. It’s what we’re here for.
Three - the community. The collective intelligence that gathers in the Academy is jaw-droppingly potent. The accountability, the championing and dare I even say it? The love. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

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The Academy Overview

The Academy Overview

  • Nine month online program.

  • 1:1 coaching with Tanya.

  • Participate from anywhere in the world. (Internet access required.)

  • Weekly emails with prompts, videos and lessons.

  • A one-hour monthly co-working sessions.

  • Monthly group coaching calls. Connect in, share what’s working, what needs attention and receive support from the community as well as laser coaching from Tanya.

  • Monthly guest teachers.

  • Private Mighty Network group. (It offers the community feel of Facebook, but we’re finding that more and more people are wanting to spend less time there. Mighty Network offers a more organized and intuitive platform. Free to join, easy to set up. And once you’ve enrolled in the Academy,  we’ll even help you get there.)  

  • (Optional) Accountability Partner 

  • A Virtual Co-Working Do the Work Day including a box-full of treats sent to you in advance to make sure you have everything you need to dive in and dig deep. Think teas, candles, chocolates. Think Star Treatment. Doing the work was never so delicious. Nor fun.

  • The Red Carpet Gala Celebration is included in your tuition at the Mastermind and VIP levels. At the Basic Level, your tuition includes a $500 off discount to the weekend.

These nine months of connection, sharing and work together HAVE BEEN incredible, and the women who are drawn to this work are absolutely beautiful, amazing souls. The Gala was a stand out experience. While we were strangers before, it was pretty magical to experience such instant friendship and connection, and it really did feel as though it was a gathering of best friends.

The Academy has changed my life. Now I consciously choose who to surround myself with, what to spend my energy and time on, and how I want my life to look. (And it feels so good!) The impact in my business has been huge. Now it’s actually happening! It’s growing because I’m finally putting myself out there. I have the drive and desire to make it happen in big ways, and I can see the next steps I need to take.
— Robyn Holloway
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Month-by-Month Details

Month-by-Month Details

On the first Monday of every month, you'll be receiving an overview of where we'll be going that month. 

Then, every Monday, you will be receiving an email with the week's lesson and the worksheets. The lessons may be delivered in video format. 

There will be some weekly check-ins in the Mighty Networks space and a wrap up of discussions you may have missed. 


In addition to the monthly coaching calls, we'll be convening for two one-hour co-working sessions/month. 

The monthly coaching calls are not to be missed if you can help it, but they will be recorded if you must. It's a fantastic place and space to connect with others and get coaching from Tanya as well as your co-Star Steppers eyes on your progress. Because, progress, you will.

Knowing this? Game changer. For real. How you live, drive, relate, connect, step in, up, out?
Changed. Forever. So good.

Take aim, clearly definitively, unapologetically. Decide what is yours to step into fully and completely and there will be no turning back. We’ll set markers, measures, goals and metrics. It’s ON.


We’ll get real and specific about what’s TRULY in the way. The inner critics. The ACTUAL critics.

And we’ll get you more focused on your own actualization than your preoccupation with what other people think of you - releasing yourself from praise and criticism. Sweet freedom.

So easy to look past all you’ve done and do, non? We’re putting an end to that. For good. Rooting into with you’ve done, asserting the authority that already resides within you, and deepening into practices that you’ll carry forth always.


No one was ever intended to do this alone. The Impostor Complex wants to isolate you, so we’re gonna go ahead and foil its plans by gathering the people who will support & nurture you - both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Counting them in and calling them forth. And? Releasing those who need to be released.

What sustains, nourishes, compels you forward? Yes. More of that, please. So much more of that.


Get out of hiding and get into asking, pitching, soaring. You’re so much more than ready. 

“After you jump and before you land, is God.” - Gabrielle Roth.

You’ve laid the foundations, you’ve trained for the race and now we’re in it.

And if you trip? We’ll cover bounce-back tactics that never fail. Ever.

(Includes the Virtual Co-Working Do the Work Day)


Celebration - Allow yourself to bask in the glow. You've earned it and here’s the big secret successful people know about celebration: it sustains you in your journey. It’s not a cherry on top. Celebration is a radical act of productivity, and essential to fuel your rise. This is evolution, baby.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls will be held mostly on the third week
of every month. Days will alternate between Thursdays at 7pm EST and Fridays at 12pm EST to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Monthly Guest Teachers

(Stay tuned!)

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About Tanya

About Tanya


I know the Impostor Complex like it’s been a life-long companion. Because it has been. I know its ins and outs and tricks and treacheries. But most of all, I know how to move past it. I created the Step into Your Starring Role process for myself, in truth. And it has seen me move from sideline watcher to leadership coach, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and TEDx speaker to (well-paid) speaker.  And it’s my deepest joy to help you do the step into YOUR Starring Role, that is.



And here’s what others have to say about me.

I turn to Tanya - and the body of work she's created - when:

  • I know in my mind I can do what I've set out to do, but momentary nerves are taking over.

  • I want to step into what I know is next for me with BOTH feet.

  • I need to walk away from what's not serving me, but I feel scared to do so.

  • I want the emotional, spiritual and practical backup of a woman who can see what I can do and isn't shy about pointing it out.

-Lena West 

6 (1).png

I turn to Tanya when I need to see what I am capable of and believe in my abilities.  

-Jen Louden 


I turn/turned to Tanya when :

I was ready to stop hiding from my bigness

• I needed help discerning the difference between negative inner self-talk and room for improvement

• I needed help understanding how others already saw me

• I needed a gentle shove into the spotlight

• I needed to understand the value that I bring to the world in a way that only I can

• I need a reminder of who I am in this world, and how I show up every time

• I am full of self doubt and need a gentle smack into the reality that showing up as a leader is hard, and I’m doing it anyway

• I needed help feeling like the leader I was already being

• I needed help catching my confidence up to my actions/integrity/leadership 

- Marie Poulin


I turn to Tanya when a big idea I have scares the crap out of me and I know in my soul that idea needs to be born.

-Dr Michelle Mazur




I turned to Tanya when my career was kicking into the next level and I suddenly found myself freaking the hell out - and wanting to pull back.  Tanya gave me the courage to stand tall and proud - even when my knees were quaking.  She is my secret sauce - and she should be yours too.

-Theresa Reed


I turn to Tanya when I’m having trouble finding the exact words to express the truth, my truth—because I know that she’s going to help me laser in on the truth, and that’s when things are going to get real.

-Kate Swoboda

5 (1).png

I turn to Tanya when I am hungry for straight talk that leads directly to illumination {it's a massive bonus that her laugh makes my cells vibrate with joy}. Watching Tanya coach her clients to step into their starring roles is like watching a master craft a masterpiece. Because, that's exactly what she is and that's exactly what she does.

-Gemma Stone 


Three Ways to Play

Three Ways to Play


The Starring Role Academy


Mighty Network group with the Academy Members

Private Mighty Network group with Mastermind Members

Nine monthly group coaching calls

Co-working day w/ goodies sent to your home/office in advance.

Toronto Red Carpet Gala Celebration included (just get yourself to Toronto!)

Nine monthly private coaching sessions with Tanya.

Weekly group hotseat and Q+A Mastermind calls with the 6 women in this level

Recommendations and referrals to Tanya’s extended network of Star Colleagues AND surprise gifts of readings with some of her favourite Healers. Think Tarot Readings, Goddess Readings, Sacred Readings, Astro get the idea.

Swag bag sent upon enrollment.

$1,250 USD/ month

The total cost of the program is $11,750, but once you pay the $500 deposit and you're in, you only pay $1,250/month


The Starring Role Academy

Private Mighty Network group

Nine monthly group coaching calls

Co-working day w/ goodies sent to your home/office in advance.

Toronto Red Carpet Gala Celebration included (just get yourself to Toronto!)

Nine monthly private coaching sessions with Tanya.

Recommendations and referrals to Tanya’s extended network of Star Colleagues AND surprise gifts of readings with some of her favourite Healers. Think Tarot Readings, Goddess Readings, Sacred Readings, Astro get the idea.

Swag bag sent upon enrollment at VIP level.

$750 USD/ month

The total cost of the program is $7,250, but once you pay the $500 deposit and you're in, you only pay $750/month.


The Starring Role Academy


Private Mighty Network group

Nine monthly group coaching calls

Co-working day w/ goodies sent to your home/office in advance.

Discount of $500 to LIVE Red Carpet Event in Toronto, September 2018

Two 30 minutes sessions of coaching with Tanya to be used any time between January 2018 and October 2018.

$200 USD/ month

The total cost of the program is $2,300, but once you pay the $500 deposit and you're in, you only pay $200/month


Your deposit is rolled into the full cost of your Academy enrollment.

After we’ve reviewed your application we’ll let you know within two business days if we think this is the right program for you. If there’s ANY question, we can hop on a call. Fit is EVERYTHING.

If after we've spoken, we agree that The Academy isn't a fit, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If we’re a go, our team will contact you to set up your monthly recurring payments (nine monthly payments from January to September). You'll receive a digital welcome package within a couple of weeks that will help set the stage for a truly incredible nine months together. The first email with curriculum will arrive on January 9th and our first call will be on January 19th.


If you’ve got a quick question not found in the FAQs below that you want to ask via email, ask away!

Reach us at: support [at] tanyageisler [dot] com

The Starring Role Academy was my turning point. It’s a challenging, demon-busting program and I now have the confidence to chase after big opportunities and put my hand up to be seen.

The payoff has been revenue growth in my business, a broader platform and seeing the people in my community transform because I can show up for them in a new way. I only wish I had done it years ago.

If you’re serious about breaking through to your next level of accomplishment and ease, this is the answer!
— Jen Brown
The Academy '17 iphone (14 of 30).jpg

Red Carpet Gala

Red Carpet Gala


Oh, you caught that, eh?

Yes. As a member of The Academy, you will be invited to an exquisitely delightful two night retreat September 2018 in Toronto at one of our most luxe hotels. And we will TAKE.CARE.OF.YOU. Fully and completely.


Two nights of immersed luxury and deepened connection.
A culmination of the nine exquisite months we’ll have cherished together.
A gift you’ll never forget having given yourself.
The very best of me. The very best of my city. In September! (My favourite time of year.)

The Academy '17 iphone (2 of 30).jpg
A wonderful and fitting end and celebration to all the work done during the Academy. It was a definite motivator when the work got hard. I felt I couldn’t celebrate fully at the gala if I didn’t do all the work to the best of my ability.
— Laurie Rauk
The Academy '17 iphone (4 of 30).jpg
I absolutely loved being in Tanya’s home, her sacred space, sharing that with us was so special. I loved the in person coaching time as well as casually hanging out getting hair and makeup done together. The absolute attention to detail and making us feel so special at all times. The dinner that felt like a girls night out with your very best friends. The post-dinner that solidified the bonds even more.
— Robyn Holloway
The Academy 2017 (46 of 222).jpg
The Gala drew the much-needed line to celebrate all of the hard work that we completed individually, together. The pampering, logistics, celebration, company, and combined focus was the perfect way to cap the work, without diminishing the connections and ongoing work that we all have to do.
— Geri Jewitt

Our Timeline For the Weekend

Our Timeline For the Weekend




Get yourself to Toronto! Check into the exquisite and historic 5-star hotel anytime between 3pm – 5pm. Flop onto your luxurious bed, enjoy a bubble bath, and get settled in. You will be whisked away for cocktails and appetizers at 7pm.




Brunch, massage, or see the sights of Toronto. Then come back to the hotel. We'll get our hair and makeup done, and get red carpet ready, then the cars will come fetch us to go get our gala on! And yes...there will be a stage for you to take your bow.



Our final sumptuous meal together will be breakfast then we'll say our fond farewells in closing.


The Red Carpet Gala Celebration is included in your tuition at the Mastermind and Gold levels. At the Silver Level, your tuition includes a $500 off discount to the weekend.


So...we have already pre-sold four of the 45 spots. 
What did the new Academy members have to say?

“This is the easiest business decision I've ever made.”

“This feels so aligned I'm tingling!”

If you’re not quite there yet,
maybe you’ve got some Q’s we’ve already A’S.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more by clicking each question:

+ What if I can’t make the monthly coaching calls?

This may sound trite, but it is undeniably true: the more you show up, the more you’ll receive. So yes, we would love for you to show up for yourself, for others and for the work every third Friday a 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern. Of course.

It’s your golden opportunity to raise your hand, ask a question, and get a few minutes of laser-sharp coaching. Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-serve basis so you’ll be able to hear and experience what’s coming up for fellow participants as well as the masterful coaching they’ll receive.

If you can’t make a call, you can send your q’s in advance and we’ll do our best to get to them. And the calls WILL be recorded and sent to you afterwards.

Depending on enrollment, we may decide to add in an additional coaching call time for folks whose schedules (or time zones) just won’t allow for the call. TBD.

If you’re just not a group processing kind of person and want more of a personalized experience, consider the Gold level of enrollment. And if you really just prefer to do this work on your own, the Unshakeable Confidence Program may be just the thing.

+ How much time should I plan on giving this program per week?

This is entirely up to you. The program is structured so that while the material runs deep, it won’t take over your life. All exercises are downloadable for you to do at your own pace. We suggest that you set aside one to three hours a week for the content, but it really depends on your learning, integrating and processing style. (Remember that this is a process you’ll come back to time and time again, well beyond the nine months.)

As for your involvement in the on-line Mighty Network space, we anticipate it will be a lively place of conversation and community. But part of what we love about the platform is that it won’t overwhelm and threads will be easy to find and follow. You are under zero obligation to spend your life there, is ultimately what we’re saying!

I intend to check in on a daily basis. My team will be in with even greater frequency and you can of course tag me and I'll see your hand up.

+ What if I fall behind?

Short answer: I know you won’t. I’ve got my eye on you.

Longer coach-y answer: We know that most people drawn to this work are perfectionists. It’s just true. That’s the Impostor Complex buffering away. So there will be 'come-to-Jesus' moments where you need to challenge yourself: am I avoiding? Am I resisting? Or have I done more than enough?

AND. All of the program materials - the videos, the exercises, recordings, worksheets, and whatever else we decide to delight and surprise you with - is yours to keep for life. You can come back to it time and time again.

+ Who’s this NOT for?

This won’t be a match if you’re not hungry to ACTUALLY step into your Starring Role, or if you don’t even know what said Starring Role IS. We will spend some time at the beginning defining and refining your role is (and making good and sure it’s in alignment with YOU), but you really need to show up with a starting point for what it is that you want to grow, shift, change, or create.

This is also not a match if you’re looking for marketing, sales or business advice. While knowing your Starring Role will absolutely bolster your professional authority, this is not a business ecourse.

And in truth? If you are less interested in working in a group and more interested in working just with me in private, that’s cool. Here is your best option. And if you would rather do this work entirely on your own, then we’ve got you covered with the self-guided Starring Role Playbook. .

+ Speaking of the Unshakeble Confidece Program, why wouldn’t I just buy that?

Well, you can, of course! It’s a fabulous product, at a fabulous price point and comes with 12 monthly Office Hour calls.

But here’s why we’ve created The Academy: not everyone trusts themselves to get the results they yearn for on their own. So some people don’t dig right in.

That may be true for you. Or not. Only you know.

But with the Academy, whether you opt for the Silver Level or Gold, you will get group coaching calls, private 1:1 time with me, a day devoted to co-working and DOING THE WORK, a community who is holding you up and holding you high AND a space for collaborations to grow. It’s a glorious thing.

+ What happens when I press “DEPOSIT”?

You’ll be directed to pay your $500 deposit and once it has been processed you will receive a link to The Academy application. After we’ve reviewed your application we’ll let you know within two business days if we think this is the right program for you. If there’s any question, we can hop on a call. Fit is EVERYTHING.

If decide it’s not a fit, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If we’re a go, our team will contact you to set up your monthly recurring payments (nine monthly payments from January to September). You'll receive a digital welcome package in December that will help set the stage for a truly incredible nine months together. The first email with curriculum will arrive on January 7th and our first call will be on January 18th.

+ I’m confused by the “stage” language. Is this a course on public speaking? What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?

Short answer: No, this is not a course on public speaking. Though it will make you a better public speaker (if that’s your thing.) The stage is a metaphor. Except when it’s not.

More confused than ever? Stick with me here.

Taking the stage means that you are leading with your work. No longer hiding behind the curtains in the wings. (I just can’t quit the theatrical metaphors.) Sharing your world-changing work, message and self in a way that is no longer cloaked in apology. Because it’s steeped in truth and your actual, LIVED confidence. Not a veneer of manufactured confidence, but rather cellular-level confidence. You will lead more confidently. Speak more confidently. Write more confidently. Be in relationships more confidently. And what happens then? Well. I think you can imagine.

Here’s the thing. As long as I’ve been doing this work, I’ve been asked that question: “What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?” And I respond as I have above: it’s a metaphor (and not). Many people are satisfied with that and can see the applications for their work in the world. What would happen if they could become more confident in their vocation. Allowed themselves to take up just a little more space at the boardroom table. Or the kitchen table. And these brave ones will and enter this Step Into Your Starring Role work with arms opened wide and wondrous outcomes to share.

But then there are the ones who protest just a little too much about not wanting to step onto a stage. And with them I’ll lean in a little, look them right in the eye and ask them: “Do you really not want to step on the stage?” “Lord no,” they’ll exclaim. And I’ll ask them again. “Do you really not want to step on the stage?” Now they’ve heard me. They go quiet as they go inward. They scan for the truth in their body. Then a little glimmer in their eyes shines. There. Right there. They’ve touched on the desire that they’ve shelved for far too long. Because of ancient stories of “too much” and “good girls” and what’s right and proper. And then I’ll know. They cannot unsee what they’ve just seen.

This is the work that will actualize those desires. On stage or off.

Refund Policy

Your initial deposit holds your spot in The Academy. If you have any concerns going in, let’s be sure to clear them away via email or in a conversation (note that in your application form). But once we begin in January, you are IN and payments—including your initial deposit—are non-refundable.

It’s like this: you’ve been waiting your whole life to commit fully, right?’s time.