You’re the good girl who was
destined to become the “perfect woman”.
Always have been.

The one who everyone turns to to make things better, smoother, more...right.

The one who tosses and turns at night because of all she didn’t do, didn’t save, didn’t GET quiteright.

And while you were busy making sure that everyone else was okay, that you didn’t take up too much space, that you smoothed, buffed, polished and bridged, you started to miss something. Something like everything.

Your SELF.

And the further you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of people-pleasing and comparison and perfectionism and leaky boundaries and dimming your own light (hallmarks of the Impostor Complex, by the way), the further and further you’ve gone from your SELF.

How’s that been working out for you?

Oh, I know, the kids are alright and the bills are getting paid and steps are being taken in the right direction, for the most part. Which is no small feat in and of itself. (But you don’t celebrate that do you? Heavens no...there is still far too much to be done. And besides, you tend to chalk your successes up to being accidents. The Impostor Complex is alive and well with you, Love.)

Here’s what I see:

Your heart is huge. Your capacity is even bigger. And there is a you-shaped space in the universe just waiting for you to step into. To expand into, taking your place among the stars.

Can you feel the truth of that?

I know, it feels big. It feels daunting.

But that catch in your chest you just felt? That’s called resonance and it knows the truth. It IS the truth.