It’s HERE. HERE, I tell you. Here. The Board of Your Life kit is here. After four years of “I’m going to…” I finally did. Relief. Awe. Joy. And more relief. {As much for myself as for those closest to me.}

It’s beautiful. It’s rich. It’s important. And it’s here.

I’ve spoken about the fear that I needed to move through. I’ve spoken about the support at the finish line that made sure I did.

And now, it’s here.

For myself, I have celebrated with champagne. I have celebrated with friends on Whidbey Island. Today, I celebrate in rest. Brownie-baking, movie-watching rest.

I’m not issuing any time-limited launch promises or hard-to-comprehend pricing schedules. The Board of Your Life kit is exactly as it’s laid out on the sales page.

Three guides filled with every detail you will need to have your own transformational (yes, transformational) Board of Your Life program. $150 CDN.

I am so happy it’s here. And if it’s for you, it can change everything.