It’s with about 27,603 different kinds of excitement that I announce today that Michelle Ward (THE When I Grow Up Coach) and I have a Golden Ticket to give you.


We’ve been dreaming and scheming for MONTHS now, and unlike Willy Wonka, we’re not asking you to search all the chocolate bars in all the land to find it. Instead, click here to learn how we plan to make sure you not only love what you do, but how you do it.

And because Golden Tickets go with delicious sweets, we have a Golden Ticket Goodies list that will deliver deliciousness to your Inbox each and every day from us + our creative collective of fabulous friends (Jennifer Louden, Jennifer Lee, Jamie Ridler, Kate Swoboda, Alexandra Franzen, Bridget Pilloud, Erika Lyremark, Carrie Klassen, Jessica Swift, Molly Mahar, Tiffany Moore, Dyana Valentine and April Bowles Olin). Then, all will be revealed on October 15th to the lovelies on the list, and on October 16th to the public at large.

Click here to get your Golden Ticket Goodies.