Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. It’s summer, you know…and everything happens at a slower pace. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Back the truck up. (You do realize that I only broke a Christine Kane cardinal rule of blogging: “apologizing for not writing” to prove a point, right?)

I’m curious as to why have you just accepted my incredibly lame excuse. When I say “everything happens at a slower pace” aren’t I really just saying “I’ve made things other than posting to my blog a bigger priority right now”. Same diff, right? But what am I owning by blaming the season? Nada. Zilch…niet. And ultimately, that’s what a good excuse will do for you. Absolve you of responsibility.

I’ve really noticed lately how I have a lower tolerance threshold for justification of bad behaviour. And excuses. Perhaps it’s the economy (ha…tricked you!!!) but let me ask you this….are you not tired of hearing people explain their lateness with “I’m late wherever I’s just who I am”. Which is really tantamount to: “I do not value your time; I am disorganized; and fundamentally, I’d probably rather be somewhere else”. Consider the two versions. In version a) their lateness is simply a part of their genetic make-up…a flipped x or y chromosome on the double helix of life. In version b) there is choice and ownership…it may be rude ad crude and filled with ‘tude, but there is learning. And possibility.

Making up excuses is easy…taking responsibility and action, less so.