You were brave. You remember, don’t you?

No? Okay. Here it is. You were brave:

when you stayed; when you left; when you said, no, but let’s try this;

when you said no, never; when you said yes, thank you, more please; when your wave to the cool kids wasn’t returned (and still, you kept your head high); when you kissed the ground (even though you wanted to shake your fist at the sky); when you stood up; when you stood down; when you kept writing speaking teaching singing preaching going (even though...); when you danced with the shadow (but didn’t go to second base); when you were so worn out, but made it count anyway; when you wore your heart on your sleeve (it SO brings out your eyes); when you believed; when you trusted; when you knew that you knew; when you raised your hand; when you took the high road (and not just for the panoramic views); when you didn't feel so hot in the bathing suit, but swam in the grace around you just the same; when you made your dreams your mission; when you shelved your dreams for someone else’s (though you’ll never do THAT again); when you tossed your limitations into the volcano of your desires; when you committed to your life; when you kept your promise to others; when you kept your promise to your self; when you kept your promise to your soul; when you trusted how it felt (not how it looked); when you kept showingupshowingupshowingup (even though the duvet beckoned); when you forgave (REALLY forgave); when you decided to stop deferring to others; when you decided that enough was enough and that you were enough (oh, that was a good one); when you risked it; when you risked telling someone they matter; when you decided it wasn’t too late, but also that it also wasn't too soon to just.get.going; when you chose collaboration over competition, discernment over decisiveness, generosity over guarantees, curiosity over certitude; when you tapped yourself in; when you switched gears (even though everyone was watching); when you chose to love; when you chose joy; and, when you chose you.

So, you see? you keep showing it. You keep showing us.

You are brave