This Friday, September 28th (allllll day!) is my 40th birthday. Two things will happen. I’ll share with you a fabulous moment-of-birth story (it’s a goodie that explains a LOT) ANNND you can get my Board of Your Life kit (normally $150) for any amount you CHOOSE to pay.


After September 29th, the Board of Your Life Kit will be going on a little hiatus while I make some updates that I’ve been chomping at the bit to make. Not exactly sure when it will be available again, so get it now, on Friday, while you can (and I repeat) FOR ANY AMOUNT YOU CHOOSE TO PAY!

Here’s what to do:

1)      Any time after 12:01am on Sept 28th, when you come back here, you’ll click on the Board of Your Life Pay What You Choose graphic. That will lead you to the checkout where the price field is editable. The price will say $150…change it to whatever makes your heart and wallet smile. You’ll then finish payment via PayPal.

2)      Contact us if:

a) You plan on making multiple payments or another offer.  If you want to pay some now and some later, grand. Email and let her (and me) know your intentions.

b) If you aren’t set up for PayPal, or would rather pay by cheque/email transfer, that’s equally grand. Again, let Beth know and she’ll make sure that you are set up.

The finer print:

1)      This offer is only for the Board of Your Life KIT and not for my coaching OR for my facilitation of your Board of Your Life experience.

2)      The Board of Your Life kit retails for $150 CDN. A lot of energy went into creating it and an inordinate amount of thought went into pricing it…please calibrate your offer accordingly. Karma is always in effect.

3)      Please, please, please be patient with Beth and I. If you reach out to us with an offer, we will get back to you as soon as we are able. That said, if you have any questions, now’s the time to ask them.

4)      If you own the kit already and want to buy a copy for a friend at the pay-what-you-choose rate, do let us know so we can send it on your behalf (you sweet, gorgeous, generous thing, you).

5)      The offer expires at midnight Sept 28th. Period.


See you on Friday…I’ll be the 40-year old singing Jack + Diane like it's her job.