On Thursday, I decided to treat myself to fifteen dollars worth of white tulips. They are beautiful. I’d love to say that I’m romantic and poetic enough to sit and gaze wondrously upon the miracle that is their creation, but really…who has time? But they are really beautiful…they’re a welcome shot of youthfulness and spring in our winter-stuffy dining room. Every time I pass them by they make me smile. I thought it was just me….but since Thursday, we’ve had many guests come through the house. Everyone comments on them…in particular, our daughter’s playmates. I heard one little girl tell her mother breathlessly “you should see the flowers they have!” Maybe the mother will think to indulge herself in a simple way too…or maybe not. But maybe seeing her daughter beam was enough to make her smile too.

Our favourite yogi, Eoin Finn, challenges his students to notice and enjoy the sensations of savasana and to “spread it around”. I love the sentiment…but I also love the potential ambiguity of the “it”. Clearly, he’s referring to the dual feelings of peace and vitality that a good practice will give you. For me, it made me wonder what “it” I would love to spread around. What is “it” that the world seems to be lacking, and do I have enough of “it” to give? So much of what I’d like to see more of are things that I myself sometimes lack: patience, serenity, generosity, selflessness, kindness (on bad days) etc etc. But maybe, just maybe, that’s where the work is…to give “it” away even if you don’t have “it” in abundance. Karma baby. Viral karma