I am officially nine days early to talk about love. Luckily, I never worried too much about these formalities. I devote this blog to a trinity of support and inspiration around me...people that I love: Kate – you nailed the logo that meant everything to me…tirelessly…with patience and a side of Wyclef.

Jonah – for reasons I’ll never know, you’ve walked patiently beside me down the path of web development...for not much gain. What I do know, is that you’re in my heart.  Thank you for my site.

Lisa – you’ve been a beacon of reason, intelligence and have been down-right demanding of me with your weekly challenges, which, as you’ve always known, resonate like sweet nothings in my ear.

Thank you all for having faith in me. Smooch.

Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.

- M. M. Bethune