I am so over the whole "for-it-to-be-important-it-must-be-hard" thing. That’s never worked for me. Oh, I’ve tried it. I’ve white-knuckled and fretted, and all it's ever won me was this worry line (the one that yielded the “have you thought of Botox?” question from the dermatologist). No.

Ease is my new port of call. Yours too?

Here are some thoughts on how to make alllll easier.

  1. Decide to make it easier. (Just like that).
  2. When you notice yourself clenching up, ask yourself: how can this be easier? Inhale and release your shoulders on the exhale. Proceed.
  3. Know your values. If you ignore everything else, please don’t ignore this one. They inform E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you do.
  4. Evernotes for your smart phone. Super smart, super easy way to remember everything.
  5. Whether you scrapbook or not, document every kid-ism you can. (Evernotes!)
  6. Short bursts of exercise burn goodly amounts of calories and fit into your day (like, 10 minutes of running). Making excuses takes more time than that.
  7. You can never give (or receive) enough hugs in this lifetime.
  8. When you clink those glasses, do like your mama told you and look the other person in the eye. Acknowledgment is a gift.
  9. If you’re Canadian, get yourself a TFSA and add the option of saving 50 cents from every Interac transaction. Set it and forget it, (because invisible savings rocks my socks.)
  10. When it just doesn’t want to be written, record yourself talking about it. Have that transcribed. (Trust me…)
  11. Know that you have permission. Always did.
  12. Take three hours once/month to get your bookkeeping up to date.
  13. Keep the pulp from your morning green juice in a freezer bag and make a vegetable stock when the bag’s full. Start with olive oil, onions + garlic, throw in the pulp, add water +bay leaf and simmer for as long as you like. You’ll be tweeting about how virtuous you feel.
  14. Next time you’re stuck, try a handstand against the wall. Oh, don’t worry about it being elegant…it won’t be.
  15. Remember Master Godin’s words: Go ahead, fail. Try to avoid mistakes, though.
  16. Know how to fill in this blank: I am ridiculously good at __________. (This is your super power…knowing it will come in handy).
  17. Set big + beautiful goals that make your heart soar. Then break them down into the smallest, most delicious morsels you can. Savour.
  18. Cut corners, but be clear about which ones must stay sharp.
  19. Know the difference between fear and intuition.
  20. Write a love letter. To your business. To your self. To your love. To your daughter. To your father. To your ideal client. To your future spouse. The universe loves love and rewards it with ease.
  21.  “No, but thanks for asking”. You must stretch this muscle, otherwise your yes’s have no value. And what a colossal waste of energy that is.
  22. Clarity will set you free from the shackles of “hard”.
  23. You could say it, but you could also sing it. (Insta-mood lift).
  24. Bootstrap until you can hire the very very best.

Easier said than done? Let me know. And how do YOU keep it easy, Sunshine? Share in the comments, please.