For the last several years, I’ve done a big ol’ Board of Your Life sale on my birthday. I love birthdays, I love sales, I love Board of Your Life. It has made sense.

But in truth, this year, not much is making sense.

As I prepare to spend this delicious day with my husband enjoying yoga, some spa time, eyeing that pair of Louboutins, sipping a delightful cocktail on a patio in a gorgeous area of the city made for people-watching and later enjoying a meal lovingly prepared by my daughter, I continue to be struck by my massive good fortune. And the irreconcilable number of people’s massive misfortune.

Millions of them.

And though this thought is delivered with no small amount of shame, I will say this: feeling overwhelmed by helplessness often results in me doing little to help.

Certainly, there are places where I deepen in with my time and resources on a personal level. Volunteer work and monthly charitable contributions and the like. And so in those weakened moments of helplessness I limply go to “I’ve done my part.”

But I haven’t. Not by a long long long shot.

And then there are times I just can’t even.

And someone makes it stunningly easy for me to care, to help, to act.

This time, it’s my friend Cath who belongs to a collective of women here in Toronto raising money to sponsor a refugee family from Syria and bring them safely to Canada. And to offer them a soft place to land.

In her words:

"The East-West Refugee Collective is a small group of neighbours, friends and friends of friends, who were horrified by the photo of little Alan Kurdi, the 3-year-old Syrian whose lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach a few weeks ago. We've come together to sponsor a refugee family from Syria.

We can't help Alan Kurdi, but we hope to help some other child like him.

We have united with the members of Rosedale United Church's refugee committee to put in a sponsorship application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

They have 20 years of experience doing this and have kindly agreed to show us the ropes, and help us with the paperwork.

We have committed to raising $35,000 for the family's needs in its first year in Canada. And we've committed to helping them settle, both logistically and emotionally.

We will find them housing, help enroll their kids in school, fill out OHIP forms, sign up for English classes, buy coats and mattresses and take them to the CN Tower."

east west collective R5IF THIS feels like a cause YOU can deepen into, you can support these women’s efforts my emailing me here. (I will put you in touch with them. This is all kind of new and little fluid, so we’re going super low-tech here.)

If you feel like you’d like to support the Collective’s efforts AND have been wanting to work with me (on a issue of clarity, business or mindset expansion) I’m making it super easy for you.

Email me to book a deeply discounted session for $200 USD (my Spotlight Sessions are normally $400 USD) with the proceeds going to the Collective. I can only offer a small number of these (12 in total), so if feels good and right, I highly suggest you email me soonest.

You’ll receive my auto-responder saying I’m out for the day (birthday shenanigans and my VA is also away from the office), but WE PROMISE to be in touch September 29th with a PayPal invoice and the link to my calendar for a session to be booked by end of November. (Like I said, super low-tech.)

Once my birthday is over OR the 12 sessions are booked, they’re gone.

And if this doesn’t feel good and right for you, I get it. I totally get you too.

But may I make a birthday wish? That you find your own way to deepen in to what matters to you. To care, to help, to act.

All love. x/TG