The super moon will want to take credit for me asking, but I really want to know. Reply here and tell me, will you?

My sense is that post-November 8, a lot of assumptions are being made about how people feel, how they should feel, how they shouldn’t feel, what they should do, what they shouldn’t do, what they should say, what they shouldn’t say.

I’ve made a couple of assumptions myself. I know that assumptions can hurt. (And I know the LAST thing this place needs is more hurt ammirite?)

So tell me:

How you’re getting through, if that’s what you want to say.
What’s filling you with hope, if that’s what you want to say.
What spaces you are making in your life, if that’s what you want to say.
How you're surprising yourself, if that's what you want to say.

Tell me about your kid, your fascination with hygge, your desire to start a new campaign, the people you’re rallying, your art, your shifted plans for Thanksgiving, your new music obsession, your newest learnings about your resilience, your new s/heroes.

Just tell me: how are you?

I really want to know.