The "Step Into Your Starring Role" Project

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Welcome to my shiny happy new home. Isn’t it something? Don’t you want to spend, like, ALL your time here?

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

But I hope it's not just me...because really, I put this site together for you.

Because I want you to step into your starring role.

Shine, Baby, Shine

Did you see the message at the top of this page?

Life is a grand production.

Yup, that. And what I mean by that is this:

Your life, as it is now, has been the preparation - the production - needed to launch your next project.

The project where you step into your starring role and your radiance lights up the world.

Project Life, Well Lived. Project You.

'Cept I know that for you, it isn’t all about you. Your most glorious project – your life – isn't the “The Me-Me-Me Show”. Instead, your grand production – and mine, too – is about creating and contributing to a better world by becoming a better person.

It's the mama+oxygen mask theory. If (god forbid) you're ever on a plane in an emergency situation (oh, those pesky snakes on a plane!), you put your mask on, first. Because by staying conscious, engaged, and intentional, you're able to use your life help others.

And that's what today is all about...for you and me.

I launched this grand production – my coaching practice of several years and now this brand-spanking-new site – so I could step into my starring role...

...which is help you shine, by

supporting you as you step into your most glorious, productive, purposeful self


empowering you to use your life and your gifts to instigate change and instill joy.

For yourself and the world. And that's the grand production I'm on about:

LIFE, starring YOU.

It's a Joyful, Gratitude-Fueled Journey

If you've read my signature guide to the good life, The Joy Pages, you know that I'm rock-solid-certain that

  • connecting to your core values,
  • aligning your life with your values,
  •  infusing your life with joy, and
  • radiating gratitude

are the building blocks of the life-stage on which you stand, deliver...and shine.

So right off the top, I must thank Amanda and Kelly for working their red+purple magic. The colours! The message! The groove! Oh…I’m so happy.

These incredible women worked tirelessly on this baby. In fact, speaking of babies, Amanda was still doing a spit-shine on this (virtual) baby between contractions for her (real, live) baby. (Congratulations, honey!) THAT is dedication. And Kelly held my hand during every little bump and managed to made it roller-coaster fun.

So. Clearly I’m happy.

Let's Celebrate Our Grand Production...with a Premiere

Which means I want to make YOU happy.

That's my mission (talk about aligning values + action...) as a coach and that's what this site is all about.

You becoming your most intentional, purposive, radiant you.

And THAT is cause for celebration.

So to celebrate the premiere of our (yours 'n mine) grand production, I invited my magnificent, magnanimous friends DyanaValentine, Jamie Ridler,  Michelle Ward, Pam Slim, Amanda Oaks, Jen Louden, Carrie Klassen, Tara Gentile, and Kelly Diels to the party.

And they came bearing gifts.

...So OF COURSE There's A Swag Bag

Yup, each of these gorgeous, generous women contributed their talents, time and services to make this premiere a premier event.

And I've poured all their love and and excellence into one super-fabulous, celebratory, giveaway swag bag.

Here's what The Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified includes:

(in reverse alphabetically order because I know Michelle is done with being last in line with that “W” last name of hers.)

  1. Michelle Ward’sCreative Career Cheer Workbook. - Hip hip hooray and grab a beer - her rhyming, illustrated workbook will help find your career to cheer (about)!
  2. Michelle Ward's Declaration of You. Let Michelle Ward, Jessica Swift, and Pierre François Frédéric help you uncover your own definitions/ideas/values/perspective around enthusiasm, money, success, uniquity (yes, that’s a made-up word!), intention, self-care, success, money, celebration, and trust – all leading you to The Declaration of You!
  3. Dyana Valentine’sPitch Perfect Pack – Never get stuck again on the wrong end of “so whattayado”?
  4. Jamie Ridler’sYour Creative Spark - SERIOUSLY Inspiring Interviews with 12 Highly Creative Bloggers.
  5. Pam Slim’sEthical Selling that Works – Pam is the Queen of Ethical selling. She’ll show you how to sell your services in the cleanest, clearest and most natural way.
  6. Amanda Oaks’Regiving: The Gifts of Kindness & Laughter: thirty awesome contributors, sixty heartwarming and hilarious stories, five inspirational printable art prints...and a place for you to share your stories!
  7. Jen Louden’sSatisfaction Finder - Learn how to be satisfied – how to declare what “enough” is – and liberate your energy, get stuff done, and most importantly: Start enjoying all that you already have...right now.
  8. Carrie Klassen’sHow to write a Loveable Home Page - It’s like writing a love letter to your ideal client.
  9. Tara Gentile’sThe Art of Earning – Tara gorgeously helps you shift into a new money attitude. “Because making money should be beautiful.” YES.
  10. Kelly Diels’Red Shoe Blogger Session – A one-hour digital strategy session with Kelly is time with your soul teacher. She’ll help you kapow your whole platform and provide artful, heart-full feedback and strategy to amp it all up.
  11. My Joy Pages guide to the good life AND a Clarity session with me (value: $250).

Added up, The Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified  is worth $1,100!

(And, perhaps obviously, that's only a fraction of its true value. I mean, just look at these products and people!)

But Wait, There's More!

Everyone who enters the giveaway for the one and only Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified will also be entered in a lottery to receive a pay-what-you-choose Clarity Session with me (usually priced at $250).

The Step Into Your Starring Role Project

AND NOW…here’s how all that swag (or a Clarity Session) can be yours:

1. Step into your starring role. Literally. Do a quick (2 minute MAX please…PLEASE) video of gorgeous you telling me:

    • About your own desire to step into the starring role of your life
    • What that would give you/ what it might mean for you
    • What needs to be overcome for you to step on out
    • How I/we can help you

(For a nerve-busting post on how to do a fabulously effective and ease-filled video, please read DyanaValentine’s awesome “get down on it with video” post.)

  1. Sign up for the “Step into your starring role” project below in MrLinky.
  2. Upload your video to your own site, tagging it “Step into your starring role”, to YouTubeor Vimeo and come back and drop the link down below.
  3. Tweet about it using the hashtag #star.

How the Prizes Will Be Awarded

  • A couple of my favourite peeps and I will decide who wins the Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified based on the video that displays the most creativity, heart, art and authenticity. So go ahead and glow...that's how we'll know it's you.
  • Everyone who participates will have their names entered in the top hat for a pay-what-you-choose Clarity Session...which thirty (30!) of you will win.


  1. The entry deadline is Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.
  2. The winner of the one and only Swag Bag Of Magnificence, Magnified will be announced July 29, 2011 at 12PM PST/3PM EST, via Twitter, Facebook and the Mr. Linky List.
  3. Winners of the thirty individual pay-what-you-choose Clarity Sessions with me will be announced August 1st.
  4. No purchase is necessary to win.
  5. Not redeemable for cash*.

We want to see you...all of you.

So go ahead. Step into your starring role.

PS Now I KNOW I don’t need to say this, ‘cause you’re awesome and wouldn’t try to but the prize pack has no cash value. As in, please don’t win then ask me for $1100 cash.That would neither be cool, nor elegant (nor, given this disclaimer,legal!)

PPS I'd adore it if you subscribed to my mailing list. I only send e-mails when I think it’s really good stuff (like excellent blog posts, compelling offers and the occasional giveaway) and absolutely worth your time (twice a month-ish). Promise.