When I’m tired, sad, grumpy, or let’s face it, pretty much ANY OTHER TIME, my movie genre of choice is comedy. Much to the chagrin of my Mamet-loving husband, I love me a movie with good clothes, good belly laughs and good writing. (I usually have to settle for two out of the three.) I’ve said before, the launch of my Step into Your Starring Role program has me feeling tired. So last Friday night, my little family puppy-piled onto the couch for a snuggle and a movie. I picked The Muppets.

I’ve seen the movie many (many) times, but one piece of dialogue almost moved my tired self to tears. Gary says to his Muppet brother Walter::

“You always believe in other people, but that's easy. Sooner or later, you gotta believe in yourself, too, because that's what growing up is. It's becoming who you want to be. You have to try.”

To paraphrase what Danielle LaPorte said on the last Step into Your Starring role telejam: “we can only hear the truth when we’re ready for it”. It's called resonance.

See if you can hear this truth, now.

“You gotta believe in yourself, because that’s what growing up is.”

Step into Your Starring Role Registration ends tonight at midnight.

It's time to light the lights.