in the spotlight with staci jordan shelton on unraveling

In the Spotlight with Tanya Geisler is a weekly live show that shines a light on some of the biggest mindset challenges facing leaders and entrepreneurs today in their lives and in their work.

This week's guest is Staci J. Shelton. Staci is a performance consultant and fiber artist. She is passionate about people, process, and creativity…and knitting. Dissonance and liminal spaces are her playgrounds of possibility. Her work is helping leaders resolve inner dissonance productively so that they can work harmoniously and achieve better outcomes.


  • What is Unraveling?
  • The intersection between the Impostor Complex and Unraveling
  • Unraveling and internalized oppression
  • Portable Peace
  • Staci’s metaphor of knitting and life
  • What to let go, what to keep, how far to go back?
  • Staci’s Unraveling method
  • The distinction between self-doubt and the Impostor Complex
  • How to know when you are ready for unraveling
  • Positive declarations of worthiness

in the spotlight with staci jordan shelton on unraveling


  • People aren’t broken, systems are.
  • I can’t always change the system, but I can absolutely help some people unravel that stuff, change the narrative, take some risks and get free.
  • Is it really true, or is it just something that you’ve taken on and adopted as your truth?
  • The fear: If I let it go, am I going to be sorry that I unraveled this?
  • What version of the “not good enough” myth are you living?
  • Before the truth can set you free you have to realize what lies are holding you hostage.
  • Unraveling starts with noticing.
  • I start to notice where my fight or flight kicks in and that’s always a good place to start [unraveling].
  • I don’t believe anyone comes here unworthy, I think we take on unworthiness.
  • I call my inner critic my inner terrorist, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists!


  • It’s always a good day to unravel
  • Unraveling isn’t a method or a pattern, it’s an organic process.
  • With unraveling we go gently.



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