Yesterday was, shall we say, unique? A record-shattering 10 hour tennis match in Wimbledon,  G-20 madness in Toronto, tornado warnings, and just for some added funsies, an  earthquake north of Ottawa, with serious tremors felt as far away as Windsor, Quebec City, NYC and, of course, Toronto.

I had to interrupt a group coaching certification call I was on to figure out whiskey tango foxtrot was going on (my delightful Twitter network immediately assured me that I wasn’t going crazy!)

It was enough for me to call off a much anticipated vino date with a friend in favour of being home with my family. Just what my frazzled nerves needed. And that was good.

The experience got me thinking that making the earth move is something monumental that can happen very suddenly—in good ways as well as bad.

To celebrate this notion, I’m offering an insane Earthquake Special related to my Board of Your Life program. Have a look if you haven’t heard about how Board of Your Life inspires fundamental change in people’s lives—I’m talking real, earth-shattering change. And it's insane because if you're one of the first five people, it will cost you NOTHING. The following five people will get the program for $200. So, you're either saving $1,000 OR $800. Not too shabby, eh?

Here’s how it works: contact me before 5pm EDT tomorrow, June 25, to state your interest in the program*. I’ll get back to you on Monday June 28th, to schedule a ten-minute phone call to discuss your interest in the program (not everyone is a viable candidate, but if you have the drive and the willingness to work, there’s no limit to what you could get out of this!)

Once we’ve gone through the few formalities, we’ll start the process to build and execute your Board of Your Life session. Just like that.

Earthquake tremors come and go in an instant, as do peoples’ impulses to act. If you think your life needs a shake up, send me an email—your instinct will guide you, but the results could resonate for the rest of your life!

*Spaces are limited to the first five (5) qualified candidates. The next five to ten qualified candidates will receive the program for $200. Live outside the Greater Toronto Area? We can still work together, though you’ll be required to pay my travel and accommodation costs, to be determined in advance.