Do forgive me if there are some typos in this posting. I’m typing this out on my back deck and am coping with the computer screen’s glare. Nice problem to have, I’ll admit. You see, I’ve really taken my last blog posting to heart about being my own best boss. I’m like the Scrooge on Christmas morning treating myself all over town for my great work. I cannot be stopped! In fact, I’m playing hooky (sp?) tomorrow! Mind you, I am having summer tires put on the car, the house prepped for a house swap with a friend this weekend and 2 client calls…but still, there’s a pedicure planned in there, so it feels like a day off!!!

I love that there’s a shift in our collective consciousness a-brewing about rewarding ourselves. A client passed this on to me after my last entry.

Today, my reward for some good efforts is to work from my back deck (26 degrees out here) for an hour and a half (or until my battery dies) and sip cranberry soda. I have another 40 minutes of power...and another application of sunscreen. How will you reward yourself today?