Follow the instincts that honour the work
Follow the instincts that honour the work

In this cohort of my Step into Your Starring Role program, the brilliant participants are working through the module quite simply called “Do the Work”. Which is about, you guessed it: doing the work.

Doing the work is never quite as simple as it sounds though, is it? (Unless, of course, it is.)

I mean, we know what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s OUR WORK, after all.

Writing. Speaking. Pitching. Running. Networking. Editing. Creating. Collaborating. Launching. Planning. Iterating. Connecting. Teaching. Leading. Learning. Promoting. Researching. Measuring. Painting. Performing.

But sometimes we’re not really DOING the work…but rather, LEANING ON OUR INTENTION to do the work. You know…trying.

And trying is GOOD. But sticky.

(And trying to be good is funny…but I digress.)

Back to sticky.

For instance.

I’m trying to get back into running.


What does working towards that intention actually look like? May be easier if I told you what it DOESN’T look like, in this case:

  • hitting the snooze button
  • checking emails
  • meditating
  • making the Kid breakfast

All important things (even the snooze button…especially the snooze button?) But if the objective is to try to get back into running, then for me, these other tasks cannot happen first thing in the morning.

If the very first thing I do once my feet hit the floor is put on my sports bra, you can put money on the fact that I’m heading out the door.

‘Cause getting 40 minutes of getting my sweat on is THE ONLY reason I’ll subject my beloved bosom to the vice grip of luon.

So for me, doing the work looks like putting on a sports bra. That’s step 1. Then heading out the door. That’s step 2.

Your turn. And here's a simple way in: If someone asked you to host a webinar or teach a class on achieving the thing you’re trying to do, what would it actually look like? What would be first two steps that you’d teach? How about:

  • Turn on the laptop. (Then find the file.)
  • Open the document. (Then type the words.)
  • Get out the flour. (Then start to measure.)
  • Pick up the phone. (Then dial the number.)
  • Light the candle. (Then tune into your breath.)
  • Unroll the mat. (Then find your downward dog.)

It’s not about the perfect conditions. (They’ll never be perfect.) It's about finding your way in. It’s about following the instincts that honour the work.(Tweet this)


I could end this post right here. You’ve got something to think about and you most certainly know the first two steps of the THING you’re trying to do.

But Darling One…all I’ve done is remind you of what you already know. Doing the work requires you to do the work.

Here’s where this gets really important.

Because you’re already succeeding, aren’t you? It may feel tough to acknowledge this, but in truth, you’ve already had a taste of the accolades, the invitations, the success, the fame, the wealth, the purpose, the meaning, the freedom that you crave.

But not 100% of the results you desire.

Why’s that?

May I lovingly offer that perhaps you’ve not yet given it 100%? You’re really giving it only about 75%, right? (It's okay. We're in this together.)

And I don’t believe that you haven’t given it your 100% because you aren’t committed to your intention. Or that you aren’t trying. Or aren’t organized. Or don’t have the right sports bra.

Because another truth is that you’ve been holding back from giving it 100% for perfectly sound and rational reasons. In the space between giving it 75% and 100%, 25% is the buffer.

Your good excuse. (Not enough time, energy, money or ideas to fully go for it.) Margin for error. A safety net. Postponed disappointment.

And of course, it’s also keeping you from the success you say you want but actually fear.

Fear of success and the calibration required. Fear of exceeding your family’s level of success, joy, accomplishment. Fear of not meeting expectations placed upon you. Fear of being asked to lead. Fear of getting what you think you want only to discover it wasn’t what you wanted after all. Fear that you’ll have to reveal who you really are. I mean, REALLY are. (In all of your glorious contradictions). Fear of the projections that might come with revealing the full expression of your brilliance, radiance and shine.

And oh, those parts of yourself that you've been hiding in the 25% ARE the keys to your velocity. To 100%.

This is where I come in.

Vroom vroom.



I’ve got a couple of spots left for my Summer Spotlight Session Sale. Book 90 minutes with me for June and then we meet again in September. With the keys to firmly in YOUR grasp.

If you’ve felt like you’ve been holding yourself back and are simply not getting the traction you want, this is where we’ll go discerning the fear underneath ACTUALLY HAVING WHAT YOU want? (Because THAT'S the block.)

You’ll know you’re ready to work with me if you feel, in the words of a recent client:

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