I love throwing parties. I love bringing people together. I love signature cocktails, the excuse to arrange lavish floral arrangements, and ironing the white linen napkins. I love planning the cheese tray. I love the loot bags. So yes. I love throwing parties. And I’m told by my friends that I’m pretty good at it.

It’s in the details. And possibly, the love.

Lead With Your Strengths. In All Things, Including Launches.

So, when Kelly and I discussed how to launch my happy new site (that she and Amanda done did as red+purple), she answered simply (and with what I make up would have been a “duh” expression in her eyes): throw a party.

You heard the “duh” in that too, right?

Yup. Got it.

One slight problem: how do you throw a party with no cheese tray, flowers, white linens, or cocktails?

Answer: loot bag!!

Goody goody good good. I love giving stuff away.

Problem there (party-planning’s all about problem solving, turns out): I have a pretty happy busy coaching practice and not a ton of time to give away (like I did last time). It’s a champagne problem and a reality. I have no products (yet) other than my beloved Joy Pages (which I’ve been giving out anyways – grab yours here).

Kelly patiently pointed out that in addition to giving good party, I also make good friends.


"Generous friends.”


“Generous friends who have products.”

Blank stare.

“Generous friends who have products that your readers would want to have.”


“Jesus, Tanya. Ask your generous friends with products if they would give you a copy of said digital product for Swag Bag of Magnificence and then give it away to one super lucky person!”

Why would they want to do that?

“Woman. Read your own words on the topic: people want to help. ESPECIALLY your generous friends. Hell, I want to help and you haven’t even asked: so you can have a Red Shoe Blogger session”.

Right. I know this to be true. I see it time and time again.

So I write what I hope is an elegant ask of Danielle, Dyana, Pam, Jen, Carrie, Tara, Amanda, Michelle, Jamie and Kelly. And then hold my breath.

10 asks. 10 effusive yes’s. Over $1100 of digital gorgeousness.

How did I get so lucky?

Carrie: “You got so lucky by being you.”


So, with the Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified secured, off we go our separate ways: Amanda designing, Kelly writing, Tanya party planning (and nail-biting: “what of no one shows up?”). Launch date: July 26th 2011.

Wherein the Best-Laid Launch Plan Goes Awry

Then, on July 7th, T minus 20, it happens: kablooey. My existing site blows up.

Well not really, exactly. But kinda sorta.

Let’s just say the email that I received at 6:30 that morning while at the gym read:

We are very sorry to hear your 'public_html' folder has been deleted. Unfortunately, we do not keep a backup of your files. You would need your webmaster to manually restore those files. In the future, please ensure you run the 'Backup Wizard' on a regular basis. 

In other words: kablooey.

Once it’s established that no one died (this is good), and the tears and expletives have subsided, we are left with this: I am a coach without a website. There is only one solution that we can entertain: launch the new site, stat. Two weeks earlier than planned.

Did I mention Amanda 9++ months pregnant and days overdue?

Didn’t think so.

A three day workback is drafted. It must get done. There is no time to iron the linens - paper napkins will have to do. There is no time for fear no-shows. There was no time to even get in my own damned way. The SNAFU made sure of that.

Funny thing about urgency: it tames fear and strips back to what’s essential.

And Essential is Excellent

Between Kelly, Amanda, my Rock Star VA, and I, we get it done. Amanda fixed code during contractions. I couldn’t make that up.

And it launches. And they come. BOY, do they come.

It’s a party of epic proportions.

Loving emails, tweets of congratulations, Facebook “likes” and phone calls flood in.

The results: My cheeks hurt from smiling, “thank you” has started to lose all meaning and my heart feels like it could burst. In other words: it was pure bliss.

I am grateful. I am radiant. Like my girl Kelly.

And so I’m reminded:

 Ask – Clearly, sincerely, respectfully and nicely. People want to help.

Launch – Wherever you are at. Throw open the doors.

Ask – With your heart and then launch with your heart. It never fails. Nor will you.


PS – You still have until July 22nd to win the Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified by entering a video of you about stepping into your starring role. Don’t worry about having perfect hair (seriously… did you see MINE in my launch video? Windswept - not the good kind - from having just picked my kid up the ferry docks after her day at Island camp). Shine from where you are. Step into your starring role.

PPS - And once your video is complete, remember to drop the URL in Mr Linky. Otherwise I won't know about your brilliance and you won't get entered for the Swag Bag of Magnificence, Magnified. So please get to shining...and linking!