We spend a whole lot of time worrying, wondering, fretting if they’ll show up or not.

The real question, of course, is will we?

That really is the real question. Will we leave ourselves? Or will we show up? For each other, for ourselves.

Of the many themes that recur in my work, "showing up," well, shows up. In every coaching call, speaking gig, interview it show sup - glaringly loud and proud.

Because in truth? 

"There are no shortcuts to showing up."


This is a theme I've written about in at least one-fifth of the blog posts from the past ten years.

Because, and this bears repeating: There are no shortcuts to showing up.

Yep. Over the past ten years, I've beseeched you, dear reader, and myself to:

Show up with tenacity and beginners mind.

Show up. Tell the truth. Be fierce.

Show up when there’s no guarantee that anyone else will.

Show up and be your truest.

Show up because you are required to. 

Show up because that’s how you learn.

Show up even when it’s hard. 

Show up because we need you.

Show up because your tenacity is currency.

Show up even in the worry.

Show up to put yourself on the fast track of your own making.

Show up and expect a breakthrough.

Show up even when you are hearing crickets.

Show up and do the work you are in the world to do.

Show up in spite of fear.

Show up and take responsibility.

Show up because the backache of hard work feels gooood.

Show up and then run away to the beach.

Show up because YOUR PEOPLE will get it.

Show up and know you are not alone.

Show up and invite your friends to the party!

Show up and take stock.

Show up even if you don’t fit in.

Show up in the ordinary times.

Show up because the Impostor Complex likes to keep us isolated.

Show up no matter what demons you’ve wrestled.

Show up fully.

Show up because you are JUUUUUUST this side of something wonderful.

Show up. Wake up. Speak Up.

Show up and let your people help you succeed.

Show up and you can bet that the Impostor Complex will too.

Show up and don’t waste time on anything that doesn’t feel good or right for you.

Show up and create MAGIC.

Show up as an act of self love.

Show up intentionally.

Show up, because that’s what full-hearted people do.

Show up and raise your rates.

Show up and say the things that need to be said.

Show up and keep learning how to be curious.

Show up even if you don’t have it figured out.

Show up and thrive.

Show up and set a goal.

Show up and find your thing.

Show up and tell the truth.

Show up in the uncomfortable spots and stay to see what opens up.


Tara Gentile, Founder of CoCommercial and one of my favourite people on this planet AND most trusted business advisers, has THIS to say about showing UP:

"People who show up--regardless of level of achievement, cool kid status, or jargon knowledge--earn the rewards.

They show up with questions, concerns, victories, ideas, experiences, and contributions.

They show up with confidence, with vulnerability, with fear, and with joy.

You don’t go from being an outsider to an insider to a leader by virtue of learning a set of skills or being tapped on the shoulder by a gatekeeper.

You go from outsider to insider to leader by showing up as you want to be seen:

  • If you want to be an insider, show up & ask questions about the inside scoop.
  • If you want to be a contributor, show up & contribute your story and experience.
  • If you want to be an influencer, show up & share your opinions.
  • If you want to be a community leader, show up & organize the community by connecting people, ideas, and events.
  • If you want to be a powerhouse, show up as the go-to resource, stand strong in your knowledge, be open to new ideas, and use your station to help others.

This applies in communities like ours, in communities like yours, and in the market you sell in.

The way you show up dictates how people see you, your company, and your ability to give them what they need.

Don’t wait for people to call on you, don’t wait until you have it all figured out, don’t wait until you’re cool enough."


Show up. Because there are no shortcuts.

I’ll share the three ESSENTIAL elements of Unshakeable Confidence.

No secrets revealed because the truth is this: you already live and breathe these elements.

But after 90 minutes with me, you’ll LIVE from them.

And that’s when everything changes.