Danielle (around these parts, the “LaPorte” isn’t necessary) recently wrote about visualizing your dream as a done deal rather than mere possibility. Single minded, cosmically-charged manifestations of the highest order. Hell’s yes!! Scrumptious.

So, you’re clear…you know your thing:

  • You want to be the makeup artist to the stars. OR,
  • Create new technologies for clean-burning stoves for developing nations. OR,
  • Own your own TV network. OR,
  • Write award-winning children’s books.

And you know you’ll get there. You see it as a “done deal”, bright as day. Fan-freakin-tastic, Rock Star! Buckle up…it’s gonna be a wild and memorable ride to hotness!!


What if you DON’T know what your thing is?


Hear that? Me too. Sounds like crickets.


No one likes to talk about this. But let’s do it anyways. In fact, let’s do some clearing.

Kind of annoying, isn’t it? Everyone all over Facebook and the twittosphere loving what they’re doing, their success assured while there YOU are slaving away at a job you don’t much care for, KNOWING there must be something more for you yet not knowing what it is. Besides…it pays pretty well, so…no reason to rock the boat, right?

And yet, you keep kind of searching. I mean, really. Everyone else really does seem a lot more fulfilled professionally. You deserve that same, right? Self-development-types feeding you trivialities about living your values and tapping into your strengths and focus, but you keep coming up short. Much to the glee of your saboteurs who cackle: “how long are you gonna dabble in this and that before you decide to give up on finding your THING?”, “you’re 44…isn’t it time you figured this out?”. ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!

Done clearing?

Here’s another fundamental belief I hold to be sacred:

You have a “thing”.

In fact, I know you have many, MANY things, but I know you have IT. And IT wants to come out; to be noticed; and, to be loved into greatness.

But the environment is hostile, isn’t it? Kind of like a creepy Steven King circus. From time to time, your thing whispers to you that it wants to peek out. And then the “that’s never gonna happen, fool” saboteur shuts it down with the slam of a whack-a-mole mallet. Or the mocking question “HOW?” dances before you in that surreally distorted way of the fun-house mirrors.

So your thing retreats. Again. 'Cause it's not stupid, your thing.

And the “you’re too old to figure this out” saboteurs continue to have their way with you.


You are not too old. Not by one single day.

Every experience you’ve ever had your entire life has led you here. It’s a time for exploration, for introspection. For digging deep and getting quiet. For powerful questions…like, “what’s possible?”

Send your saboteurs on a vomitous roller coaster ride while you commune with your thing on the tunnel of love. It may take some time. It needs to learn to trust you after all the thing-bashing that’s been going on.  Sit with what COULD be and bask in the luxuriousness of what comes up. Don’t judge what DOESN’T come up. It may need more time still. Forcing it ain’t gonna work for your thing. That’s been proven. You may want to phone-a-friend, have a Board of Your Life session or talk to a coach. Asking for help = power.

Your thing is possibly a late bloomer, and the point is, under nurturing conditions, it WILL bloom when it’s good and ready. And when it's ready, it will reward you with the most intoxicating fragrance. I promise you that.

Then you can chart your course to “done deal”. And when you choose to get bogged down in “how” remember that your Future Self has some pretty cool perspectives about your path.

To visualize “done”, you’ll need to open up yourself to what’s possible first.

Enjoy the unfolding.

Then you’d better buckle up, too, Rock Star. Your very own cosmic super highway to greatness awaits.