This morning, the family took a little trip to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to check out the Yoga Conference, or as our daughter kept calling it...”the yoga confidence”. My husband took in a demonstration, my daughter and I bought as much stuff as we could hook or strap on to her stroller and it was generally a very fun outing.

We enjoyed the phrase “the yoga confidence” as merely a cute mispronunciation of a 5-year old…but then I really started to see the true parallels. The way I see it, yoga ought to be less about our butts looking cute in luon and much more about challenging ourselves physically and mentally…and building confidence along the way. I personally struggle the most with the calming of my mind and stilling thoughts. The Sanskrit phrase "yogas citta vritti nirodhah" translates as "Yoga begins when thinking stops”. I’ve been working hard on this…really hard…probably harder than is yogically acceptable.

Arm balances still also kick my sorry behind, so to this end, we’re going back tomorrow to take in a 2-hour clinic on twists, back bends, arm balances and inversions. If I survive it, and actually get even close to doing a headstand, you’ll see me wandering the conference aisles lit up with the glow that only genuine confidence can bring.