Maybe you’ve seen Kung Fu Panda (36 times if you have a kid under 10) and maybe you haven’t, but here’s the précis (okay, okay...I'll say it: "SPOILER ALERT"...yeesh): Po is the big, fat, clumsy panda who loves kung fu, but has been told all his life that his path is to run his father’s noodle house. Wouldn’t you know his destiny is actually to be the Dragon Warrior and his task is to defeat ferociously bad guy Tai Lung, (much to the chagrin of Master Shifu and the Furious Five who cannot see past the big, fat, clumsy panda-ness of Po at first). The final step to becoming the Dragon Warrior is to read the coveted Dragon Scroll, said to hold limitless power.

Turns out, the scroll is blank….well, actually a blank reflective surface. I know I don’t need to spell this out, but the meaning is that limitless power resides in the holder of the scroll.

Much like his father’s coveted Secret Ingredient Soup, there is no secret ingredient.

The secret is belief in yourself. Believe the soup has a secret ingredient and it will taste like there is a secret ingredient. Believe you are awesome and you will be awesome.

An amazingly affirmative conclusion to any conversation you might have with your child about being anything you want to be. And that you may have with yourself when things seem tough.

Here’s the thing…as much as I am a believer in believing, there really is a hell of a lot of work that goes into the making of Po as kung fu master.

Po doesn’t sit around, dreaming of greatness and merely believing in his destiny.

He sweats his ass off and gets hit in the “tenders” (a lot…which of course, makes me laugh…a lot).

Yes, Po believes in himself, but moreover, Master Shifu finds a way to tap into what is possible and trains Po differently that the Furious Five. What worked for them won’t work for him. His belly is the portal to his greatness and dumplings and almond cookies serve as the carrots to get him to become the Dragon Warrior.


A masterful teacher, coach, mentor will never try to preach or sell you on a cookie-cutter approach to anything: building your business, mending your relationships, or becoming the Dragon Warrior.

They will look inside you, see past your self-limiting beliefs, see your glorious potential, see what is bursting to get out of you, and find the way, collaboratively and resonantly, to release it.

Here’s what I believe to be true about the movie. And about life in general.

I believe that misfortune may be an actual blessing (Tai Lung’s escape is the catalyst for the search for the Dragon Warrior and Po’s ascendance to kung fu mastery).

I believe that there “are no accidents”. Every effect supposes a cause.

I believe that every single person is capable of incredible things. INCREDIBLE.

I believe that believing in yourself is fundamental to success.

AND that it is just one ingredient.

Combine that fundamental belief in yourself with a coach to keep your eye on your vision AND your own indomitable work ethic?

SKADOOSH indeed.


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Becoming masterful takes clarity.