I truly cannot express how joyful it’s been to invite some of my favourite people into my virtual living room on Thursdays to discuss their THING. What it is, how they found it and sharing their collective wisdom about how you can find yours. I’m richer for the experience and it is my sincerest hope that you are too.

Remember these interviews/posts and these gems?

Fabeku Fatunmise – Trust the bigness inside of you that is pulling you toward your thing. (TWEET IT)

Chris Guillebeau - The goal isn’t so much to vanquish fear, but to find a way to channel them into s.t. positive + motivating. (TWEET IT)

Jen Louden- It’s okay to find [your thing] + abandon it + find it + abandon it. (TWEET IT)

Tara Sophia Mohr - Compassion is the natural expression of wisdom. (TWEET IT)

Dyana Valentine - I want you to believe that you know the difference between right and right now. (TWEET IT)

Susannah Conway - do the work that makes your heart sing the loudest. (TWEET IT)

Pam Slim - Focus on where you can make an impact based on who it is that you are. (TWEET IT)

Jenny Blake – Sometimes in order to admit what we really want there are some scary questions (TWEET IT)

Amy Kessel - And making peace with not knowing the answers is a crucial aspect of these journeys. (TWEET IT)

Matthew Stillman - (When we’re young) our radiance goes out in 360 degrees. (TWEET IT)

Jasmine Lamb - Stop and listen. What is your life, right now, trying to tell you? (TWEET IT)

Megan Potter- My Thing is ME(TWEET IT)

Sabrina Ali– In facing doubts, ask yourself: Where is the love coming from + what’s it saying? (TWEET IT)

Brandy Glows - We could all use more gorgeous crazy in our lives. (TWEET IT)

Mary-Margaret McMahon – WHY NOT spread your gifts and enthusiasm? (TWEET IT)

Oh so much richness and light shared. And oh so much more to come (

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I’m also hearing from you, dear and precious readers, that you’d like the opportunity to share YOUR thing, YOUR path, YOUR journey with us.  And we’d LOVE to to meet you. We WANT to get to know YOU and where you are at in your own process of finding, loving, or claiming your thing.

And so, I'll be mixing it up a bit around here.

Peppered in-betwixt the interviews and guest posts, I’ll be asking you one of the interview questions, and invite you to share your responses with us in the comments below and on my Facebook page.

And, for an added dose of inspiration, we’re going to hear the answer to the question from someone who HAS found their thing. And wants to share it with you.

This week, we're graced with the sparkliciousness of  Andrea Schroeder of www.CreativeDreamIncubator.com. With a paintbrush in one hand & a glitter-gun in the other, Andrea lovingly mentors men & women who want to lead creatively abundant lives — and do ‘impossible’ things, with ease & joy.

So, Andrea, what’s YOUR thing?


My Thing is Creative Magic.

I help people find their creative spark and use it to bring their dreams to life, with spiritual practices & personal development techniques that feel less like silent meditation & group weeping, and more like magic potions & tea parties.

This means I support myself as a coach, course leader & creator of magical kits to help with everything from overcoming fear to mapping your goals to building the heart-centered business of your dreams.  I spend a lot of time playing with crayons and glitter, wearing costumes and giggling.  My job is the funnest thing ever.

I’m actively & passionately working on my mission of overflowing this whole world with sparkly wishes (fulfilled!) and dreams (come true!) — and I’m enjoying every second of my chosen adventure.

Express the greatest parts of who YOU are, at www.CreativeDreamIncubator.com.. You can also find Andrea sprinkling glittery joy over on Twitter.

Your turn, Dear Reader: What’s YOUR thing?

So go ahead. We’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments or on my Facebook page. And make sure you leave your link so we can find your glorious self.

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