‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve, when all through the house,The cats were going apeshit, like they just saw a mouse. The wrapping paper was shredded and mangled and slobbery. It looked like this house was the scene of a robbery. The stockings weren’t hung ‘cause we hadn’t finished shopping But Nat King Cole was blaring, so we were she-bopping. The oysters were chilling on their bed of crushed ice (We forgot the Kid's aversion, so she had fried rice.) We scurried and hurried to cook, box and wrap, Pledging tomorrow would yield ample time for a nap. But that's most unlikely as our time’s far from free We’ll spend the day seeking solace down at Grandma’s tree. We’ll then join my family for Christmas Eve fun, Opening stockings with wine and boeuf bourguignonne. Christmas Day will be frantic (but playful at least) As we join Greg’s family for a loud holiday feast. In the remaining holidays we’ll reflect on the year, Counting up every last blessing, prayer and tear. 2014’s been one filled with sadness and joy Learnings upon learnings upon learnings, ahoy. As I integrate and plan and plot and scheme, I’ll carve plenty of time to allow for my dreams. Your dreams too, and the dreams of your people, (Apologies if that sounds overly sweet like a treacle). The next year promises to bring opportunities and new light, And I know so well it requires heart and courage over might. In a moment this sacred, I’m reminded of Luke, (Or Linus on-stage without fear of rebuke): 'Peace on earth to my brothers and sisters, I say, Let’s dig even deeper to share good will every day.'

With deep love (and even deeper gratitude),





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