As I write this, I am on a bumpy flight home from NYC after attending the awe-inspiring Selling Your Soul love-fest thrown by the sublime Danielle LaPorte and the sass-tastic Marie Forleo. If you run in the same blog-reading circles as I do, you’ll read tons of great stuff about the shin-dig in the coming days. It will all be true. Danielle and Marie are BRILLIANT. They know their genius. They know what their people want…and they deliver. Profound R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

D+M will be releasing a digital version of the juicy content covered later in the summer, so I’ll not be dishing any of their delicious goods here. You can sign up for the info about the digital soul product here. And you really want to.

Howevah. Here’s what I WILL dish on as it's coming up for me as we barrel through turbulence (or, as the captain of this craft so delicately stated: “a patch of air”). It feels important.

I had some time to myself on Wednesday afternoon. By design, I am seldom alone. I generally prefer the company of, well, company.

So I decided to sink into the rarity of this opportunity. Sunny afternoon in Manhattan + nowhere to be + dead iPhone = perfect people-watching conditions.

As I watched the hustle and the bustle of all manners of folks, I made up stories about them based on their shoes, expressions, age, posture etc. And I wondered what made them tick. I wondered what was universally true for everyone that passed by. I made wild generalizations. It passed the time and I felt quite a bit less alone. Mission accomplished.


The next day, at Selling Your Soul, I savoured the off-the-charts energy of 140 other Lovelies. I listened to the heartful questions that were asked of Danielle and Marie about passion, profit and purpose. And some of those stories that I had made up on 5th and Broadway started to crystallize.

I’ve talked before about the myth of everyone. Now here’s what I am starting to believe to be the immutable truth about everyone.

Everyone does indeed have their own brand of genius. Everyone feels fear. Everyone is trying their best. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone wants to know their value. Everyone wants to be recognized. Everyone wants to make a difference. Everyone has a story. Everyone wants to be acknowledged. Everyone has pain. Everyone wants freedom. Everyone has something that needs to be released. Everyone desires more (and less). Everyone feels they may not be enough. Everyone is afraid to make the leap. Everyone wants love. Everyone cares about how they show up. Everyone has doubts. Everyone has someone else they look up to. Everyone wants to deliver. Everyone has money “stuff”. Everyone has it goin’ on in someone else’s eyes. Everyone has a hunger.

This is you. This is your clients. This is your partner. This is all of us.

You are not alone.

So keep on going.

Because you are needed. You, yes YOU, are needed. Oh yes.


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