How great was that?

Did you feel the immediate shift?

Did you feel the power of the room?

Did you feel the power of the experience?

Did it meet YOUR expectations?

Okay, okay. So these aren’t actually all rhetorical questions. I really do want to know about your experience so I can integrate it into the evolution that is this program.

And I am so, SO curious about you and where you are at now. SO!!!!

Please help me to that end and fill out this SUPER short survey.

If you find yourself wanting to go deeper into your own process of self-discovery, download my Quintessential Questions. If you decide you’d like to explore your findings with me, you can check out my coaching offerings here.

And finally, if you are wanting to share your experience, I’d certainly be most grateful. Here are some possible tweets, or use your own (using the #BofYL hashtag, please and thank you).

Just participated in @TanyaGeisler Board of Your Life program. Transformative. #BofYL (tweet this)

Board of Your Life shifts it up and shakes it up. Unlike anything else I’ve ever done. Highly recommended. #BofYL (tweet this)

Seeing shifts already from having experienced @TanyaGeisler Board of Your Life program. Exactly what was needed. #BofYL (tweet this)

With much, much, MUCH gratitude.