You, Dear Boardie (aka Advisory Board member), are sooooo in for a treat.

And I can barely contain my excitement.

Oh, I know. It’s not about YOU, right? It’s about your friend. The one who wants to make a change and doesn’t know what that might be. THAT’s why you’re reading this. Because they asked you to participate, and while you’re a “YES, OF COURSE I’ll help in any way I can!” (you are so awesome), you have some questions. And I, as the program designer, of COURSE, have some answers.

And a crystal ball. But more on that later. First, the questions.

What the heck is Board of Your Life?

Well, as your friend indicated when you were invited, at the heart of the Board of Your Life program is a three-hour brainstorming session with a group people your friend knows and trusts (former colleagues, childhood friends, neighbours, mentors…you get the idea).

The Facilitator (chosen by your friend) will be leading you and the rest of the Boardies in a discussion about your friend’s strengths, values, areas of growth opportunities. You’ll be sharing anecdotes about your friend and doing several exercises, all for the sake of your friend’s, "What’s next?"

The intention for the Board of Your Life program is different from person to person. Some people do the program to help them figure out next steps in career. Some people come to the program after a marriage has ended and they don’t know what they want next. What YOUR friend wants to get out of the experience will be clearly stated to you in advance (in an email from the Facilitator) and reiterated at the start of the session.

(And, if history interests you: I created this program in 2008 when I was at my own personal cross-roads. I knew the power of collaboration and envisioned this very thing: HEARTstorming. It worked then, and it works now.  I created the Board of Your Life kit so others could create their own Board of Your Life experience as I can no longer be in all the places I’d like to be. Progress is like that.)

Why was I chosen?

Your friend clearly respects, trusts and likely admires you. You will be bringing a unique perspective about your friend that will complement the other Boardies’ perspectives, giving the group a sweet 360° view of how your friend is showing up in the world. Your friend worked through a matrix of parameters, and it might interest you to know that one of them was: would you be willing and able to reciprocate in kind? This means that if you decide you want this same Board of Your Life experience for yourself (trust me, it happens), that your friend already envisions that they would be your Boardie.

That you were asked is a deep honour. I hope you can feel that.

How much time do I need to give this?

The content for the Board of Your Life Advisory Board session is designed to be 3 hours. But often, there is a social aspect built-in for mingling post-event. The Facilitator will be reaching out to you via email to give you all the details (location, exact time etc).

How do I prepare?

In the email from the Facilitator, you will be asked to bring a couple of items for an exercise. A quote that reminds you of your friend, maybe a picture. You’ll learn more in that email, but all this to say, you don’t need to do much in advance. Show up on time, with an open mind and a deep desire to help your friend.

And now, for the crystal ball

What I know is this: that you are stepping up as a marvelous person of support for your friend. And that kind of commitment never goes unrewarded. I predict you walking out of that session taller for having done this piece of service AND excited about your own future. From this experience, you will be asking yourself the same gorgeous, powerful questions that the Facilitator will be asking about your friend. From that comes self-discovery. Your own. And I reckon you will like what you see.

If you have any NON-LOGISTICAL questions about the event and your role, please email me and we’ll do our best to help you out.

After you have participated in the session, I invite you to visit the Board of Your Life Post-Event page for next steps for you.

With admiration,