Maybe you say yes when you mean no. 

It’s just easier that way for everyone.
Everyone, except, for you. 

Because seething resentment is no small amount of effort.

But where does that resentment come from? I mean, YOU made the call, right?

It comes from you leaving yourself in an effort to fit in. 
To belong. 
To not miss out.
To be accepted. 
To not disappoint.
To not be “othered”.

And it’s an intrinsic aspect of the Impostor Complex.

Just like the other coping mechanisms of the Impostor Complex that we’ve explored so far (perfectionism and procrastination), leaky boundaries cost us time, money, confidence and create tons of anxiety.

They make us question who we are, and what we know to be true.

No good. And not on my watch.

In this one hour webinar we:

  • Explore the intersection between leaky boundaries and the Impostor Complex.
  • See what your leaky boundaries have been costing you.
  • Share the very tools you need to start BOLSTERING those boundaries.

Bolstered boundaries are a beautiful thing. When designed beautifully, that is.

And when your boundaries are in integrity, you will:

  • Stand in your truth, time and time again.
  • Negotiate more powerfully.
  • Be counted on as the Leader that you are.
  • Make decisions that are borne of what you know, rather than what you hope others are asking of you.
  • Stop worrying about disappointing everyone else.
  • Feel more expansive freedom within the infrastructure of your life. 

Bring your pen, notepad, deep curiosity, best questions and a desire to start bolstering your boundaries. Beautifully.

Originally Filmed on Tues, April 25, 2017