To avoid feeling like a fraud, the Impostor Complex has us hide out in certain behaviours: procrastination, perfectionism, diminishment, leaky boundaries, people-pleasing, or in your case: COMPARISON.

Comparison is allll about your desire to discern how you are stacking up against others. In life, business...all of it. It’s not a problem per fact comparison is a very important teacher, AND you can see how it may be keeping you from swinging out and bringing your best work out into the world.

The trouble with your comparison habit is that you get stuck comparing your blooper reel with others’ highlight reels. It’s not fair to either of you – and definitely not helpful.

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    • Why you do this (psst… it’s not all bad!); 
    • How it relates to the Impostor Complex and has been in the way of your Unshakeable Confidence; and,
    • Above all, what you can do to move past this so you can shine even brighter. Because we neeeeeed you at full strength.