Looks like you don’t experience the Impostor Complex. Or at least, you have a good handle on it. That is amazing, as that means you are doing the mighty work of making this world kinder, more sane, more just and doing so UNENCUMBERED by the Impostor Complex and leading the way with Unshakeable Confidence. 

WONDERFUL and I give thanks to you.

Given that helping folx with the IC is my life’s work, I can honestly say: you LIKELY DON’T NEED ME!

If you are still curious about what this work is all about – or you know that diminishment, procrastination, perfectionism, leaky boundaries, people-pleasing  and comparison are coping mechanisms tripping up your Impostor Complex suffering friends, family, colleagues or clients – feel free to pop your email in here and I’ll be in touch with some resources you can share.

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In the meantime, please share this quiz with folx in your life.