Do the work.


It’s DO THE WORK month in the Starring Role Academy.

There will be products launched.
Self-care regimens implemented.
Sites revealed.

Podcasts RElaunched (*raises hand*).

And a whole host of other things I will hold in sacred confidence.

But the point is... work will be done.

Hey. I know. Oh, how I know. Steve Pressfield said it best and it’s a drum we ALLL bang on.

Why? Because nothing happens without actually doing the work.

Like... nothing.

In the Academy, we’ve set ourselves up pretty well by claiming the goals, meeting our internal critics (and the Impostor Complex... daily), bolstering our sense of capacity, and gathering our cast.

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So now there’s nothing to it but to do it.

This is where the rubber meets the road.
The undeniable precipice of the DOING.

We’ve been here plenty of times, haven’t we?
Hired the personal trainer.
Signed up for the course.
Bought the book.

But if we don’t show up to the work, or lift the weights, or engage with the community, or crack the spine, we don’t get where we say we want to go. 
And boy oh boy...that’s precisely what our Impostor Complex was counting on.

Action, Loves. It’s only action that counts.

Because the work doesn’t work unless you do it.

And like I shared on Instagram: there is still plenty of time.
AND? Not all the time in the world. Get going.

PS - Speaking of “doing the work”, I have signed up for Rachel Cargle’s #dothework challenge. I’m not excited to face my own privilege and white supremacy. Which means it’s time to do so. Stay tuned.


Grateful for this big ol’ shout out from the one and only Michelle Mazur. Listen in as she talks about the three key things she’s done to completely transform her mindset (and her results) in 2017.

And Casey Erin Wood shares how she is getting the second draft of her book done this month in the Academy, which is to say with planning, tracking, and accountability. DOING THE WORK. GORGEOUS.

Screenshot 2018-08-02 at 10.24.48 PM.png

Did I tell you about the best pad thai I’ve ever had? Had some friends over Saturday night and we were shown how to do it. WAYYYY easier than I had thought. (But it’s pretty involved shopping to be certain.) Trick I’ve learned is to SOAK the noodles...not boil them. Game-changer.


Have a podcast and want me to speak to your listeners about the Impostor Complex or Unshakeable Confidence? Hit reply and let's talk.



Laziness or angels. And what now?

“My family is safe... but you know, we were very verrrrrry close to having gone to that area for dinner last night. Laziness kept us home. My heart breaks for everyone who was there, everyone affected... in truth, my heart's kind of breaking for EVERYONE these days.”

This was the message I wrote to my sisterfriend Staci Jordan Shelton when she asked if I was safe the day after the shooting on the Danforth here in Toronto. (As a subscriber, you may have noticed that my mailing address is a PO Box on the Danforth.)

The exchange continued:

Staci Jordan Shelton: Laziness or intuition. Either way I'm grateful you weren't anywhere near there. I'm so heartbroken for the people there.

Me: Thank you.

SJS: One day I'll tell you how being lazy kept that tree from falling on me. Thank the angels for lazy days and the willingness to listen to the pull to be lazy sometimes.

Me: Yes.Yes, you are so very, very right. I wonder just how often that happens... and then remember the grace is in the noticing... not the needing to understand.

SJS: Yes indeed... and in the heeding that small voice that tells us to slow down, be still, or "not today."

I wrote earlier this week that it doesn’t matter what took you so long.

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That there may be a hundred factors at play. Including angels nudging you back onto the couch under the guise of “laziness."

But I’m here to remind you, as I feel I do every week (and could probably do every hour): You’re here now. And what you do NOW is what matters.

The same day as 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis were shot dead for being alive in Toronto, 18-year-old Nia Wilson was shot dead for being Black in San Francisco.

Unacceptable. The shooting the stabbing the hatred the disease. Totally and entirely unacceptable.


How long can we wring our hands and bemoan how it is all so unacceptable? I don’t have the answer, but I’m going to keep asking the questions of myself. Questions I ought to have been asking all along. About mental health and gun control and oppressive systems and marginalized communities and white supremacy.

Because if angels or laziness has afforded me the good grace to be alive, then I have things to do.

And what I do NOW is what matters.

Stay tuned.


A few years back, I attended Anne Lamott’s book reading here in Toronto. Wrote about it here. Her special guest was musician Steve Bell. He sang this song called Mercy Now and it was haaaaaaaaunting.I must have heard it hundreds of times in my heart as my father was dying. And I’m thinking about it a lot a lot a LOT this week. We could all use some mercy now.

Savouring deep and nourishing conversations with my loves this week including Jamie Ridler in The Living Room and sweet and quiet mercy-counting walks with my man and the sunrise.

This bit of levity and righteous resistance was welcome respite that I’m savouring thanks to Desiree Adaway.

And you? What grace and mercies are you savouring this week?