shared earlier this week that I was in a Mastermind some years back with this week’s podcast guest, Andrea Owen.

And simultaneously, we have opened the doors to the Mastermind that I’m hosting (though we’re calling it an Immersion, because...that’s what we’re going to be doing. GOING IN DEEP.)

So it’s not surprising that I’m getting comments and Q’s from my readers and social media folx (canNOT call them followers, any more than “venti” rolls off the tongue) about Masterminds and what I call “assembling the cast” and why that matters. In life and business.

No one is ever supposed to go any of this alone.

Which runs perpendicular to our fierce values of independence, I know.

Because I firmly and truly and wholly believe that the best of us comes out when we gather with the best. It just stands to reason.

I am clear without a shadow of a doubt that I am wherever I am because I stepped into circle with some strong-hearted brilliant folx...which had me step truer into myself.

The Mastermind I was in with Andrea helped me to step into Coach.

The Mastermind I was in with Rach, Jamie, Kate, Bridget helped me step into Entrepreneur.

The Mastermind I was in with Ronna, Julie, and Amy helped me to step into Writer.

The Mastermind I was in with Tara, Kathleen, Sarah, and Brigitte helped me to step into CEO.

And the Mastermind I’m currently in with Michelle, Molly, Tiffany, and Laura is helping me step into the Tanya that is currently unfolding in ways still too tender to share yet. With their care and precision and championing and fierce love and strategy...and an upcoming weekend in the Poconos because there’s a hot tub calling our name.

So yes, I meet my work with tenacity and I swing out and make hard decisions and second-guess and hedge sometimes but for the most part? Anything you see me doing well in my business is a direct result of some strong and loving hands directing me there. Who are/were able to hold up the sides for me as I navigate the tricky terrains of a life fully lived.

I give the deepest and the greatest thanks to these sisters, teachers, and guides. Every one throughout the years.

My invitation to you: find your people and circle up.

They might not be your forever circle and that will be okay. But their wisdom will live on within will yours live on within them.

We are, always always, better together.


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The newest episode of Ready Enough podcast with Andrea Owen on Alcohol Misuse and the Imposter Complex has been quietly received but I’m hearing from listeners that it’s moving through them. And that’s good. That’s the hope. Take what serves you and release the rest. Trust your knowing. I do.


If the idea of a Mastermind as described in my letter above appeals, but the idea of having to gather people yourself and facilitate it does not? The Unshakeable Confidence Immersion may be your next right place. Get all the info here. It’s the only way to work with me for a longer period of time in Q4 of 2019 (unless you wanted the one-time immersion of a Star Tipping Intensive or Spotlight Sessions). And if you want ONLY community but just a LITTLE bit of me, the next cohort of the Starring Role Academy may be the right spot for you.

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