Our daughter entered 10th grade this week.

In my (requisite?!) IG post, I didn’t want to make it about me, but rather the glorious glitterstar of resolve and play and tenacity that she is.

But in truth, I can’t help thinking a lot about grade 10. MY grade 10.

That was the year I decided to leave the people I had known since Kindergarten and moved to a brand new high school where I only knew two people. (Two tennis-playing cuties, as it happened, so there was THAT.)

It was the year I thought long and hard about who I wanted to be.
It was the year I thought long and hard about who I was becoming.
It was the year I thought about what conditions would support my success.
It was the year I decided.
It was the year I defied my parents by following through on this decision.
It was the year I stress-tested who I could be.
It was the year I really came into my own.
It was the year I touched into what I would later come to feel as my inner Rockstar.

I knew who I was. I knew what I believed in. And I took action.

It was a good year.

My pal Tiffany Han told me a couple of weeks back that I do my best work with Rockstars with a pebble in their shoe.

I have devoted much of my career (so far) in trying to understand the pebble in the shoe. And said pebble, for me, is and always has been the Imposter Complex.

How and why it got there and the systemic and situational circumstances that got it there are the reason underneath my Ready Enough podcast.

But, and… earlier this week, I took Helen Tremethick’s Manifesto Masterclass. I figured I was there to figure out how to articulate this pebble better.

Nope. Turns out it was more about calling forth that Rockstar.

And what makes them a Rockstar.

For me, it comes down to folx who are filled with Integrity, have Presence and take Action… in short, are working towards unshakeable confidence.

Like my grade 10 self. Like my grade 10 daughter.

Are they always locked ‘n loaded in Integrity, action, and presence? Which is to say, are they always operating from unshakeable confidence? Helllll no. But they are working towards it. And they know how much farther and faster they can and will go without said pebble in their shoe.

And that’s what I do.

Like a Rockstar.

I give deepest thanks to Helen and her class for helping me to see this with such startling clarity.

For helping me to see myself better.

And you better. The Rockstar you are.

PS - Helen is running the Manifesto Masterclass again on Sept 9th at 2p EST and I HIGHLY recommend you show up. Pen and paper in hand and SHOW UP like the Rockstar you are. Register here.


Beyond loved my most recent interview on the Ready Enough podcast. My guest was Meg Lightheart, a presentation coach for people with a vision and a leadership coach for people facing uncertainty, complexity, and mess.

But more specifically, we talk about how the Imposter Complex loves to get into and under or activate our perfectionism and how it tag teams with humility to become diminishment. Meg shares her experience in how the Imposter Complex shows up for her as a trans feminine person who uses she/her pronouns. Because the Imposter Complex is obsessed with binaries and certainty and all or nothing. So, we get into where this plays into the idea of “trans enough.” I think you’re going to love this conversation.

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I’ve made a pretty biggo decision in my work which has shifted my fall schedule.

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