Hey, You -

You did it, boo. You really did it. Another cycle around the sun.


See those fabulous lines around your mouth and eyes?
Let’s talk about them.

You didn’t sleep, move and hydrate enough.
It’s okay.
You’ve had your hands full.
Let’s recap.

You lost your Dad and found the ground still firm beneath you.
You’re deepening into the analysis of your work with the Impostor Complex. And it is LIFE.
The Kid is rocking high school.
You made good on your promises to others...and even kept many to yourself.
Your clients are kicking ass and taking names.
Your near-health scare and a near-car accident reminded you twice in three weeks that life is precious and not to be taken lightly.
You’ve taken life lightly and that was good too.
You’ve loved your man big and wide and deep and true.
Your speaking is on fire.
You felt the mountain rain.
You spread Dad’s ashes everywhere in France that he requested, and found laughter and tears in all the spots.
You launched a super useful quiz that helps folx unpack the impact of the Impostor Complex.
You let some people go who didn’t value your love and time and affections. With ease.
You welcomed in many more. Your people. Your really REAL people.
You beautified your home with a new backyard.
You journeyed with thirty women in the Starring Role Academy and you will never ever ever be the same. (In the words of one of your truest loves, “give thanks”.)
You tried to get along with Instagram.
You spent precious time with the family you were given and spent sacred time with the family you chose. (Like this one who just knows.)
You said hard things. And you held back on saying a couple of hard things too. (Let’s not do that any longer, okay?)
You gave and received.
You wrote good words and your beloved readers told you that they were so. And you hope that you have managed to convey your deepest gratitude for them.
You celebrated the micro steps. You learned from the missed steps. You integrated the meaningful steps. And you stepped up.

And so today, you will celebrate. You will do the thing you have said for the last ten years that you would like to do. No work, just rest in celebration. This is one more promise you have made to yourself that you will keep today. You can celebrate that too.

Tomorrow is a new day. And what a day filled with surprises for some. Maybe even for you.

And the year ahead?
Still so bright, you’re gonna needs shades. And to roll up your sleeves. There’s work to be done.
And I’m here for it.

Love love,