Has the Impostor Complex
gotten the better of your big dreams?

Maybe it's time you took control of those dreams. Maybe it's time you tapped yourself into your own success. Maybe it's time that you decided to claim the opportunities that present to you, that you asked for the introductions, that you made the pitches, and that you embraced the applause with full heart. Yes. Maybe it's time you finally overcame your Impostor Complex and brought your dreams to life.

You've been called.

And in case it’s not already abundantly clear, a calling isn’t some small thing – it’s everything.

It’s the wake up alarm bell of your soul reminding you that you’ve got stages to climb and messages to share and paradigms to shift and mountains to scale and a world to change.

Which is why you’ve been hitting the “snooze” button, because you sense everything will change.

You’re right: when you answer your calling, everything WILL change. For the best. For you. For all of us. That much I can promise.

Because this snoozing…it isn’t quite working. Is it?

I know, I know. You don’t feel QUITE ready yet.

Maybe you’ll “be ready” to sign the deal, say YES to the opportunity, write the book, start the organization when you’ve FINALLY got the degree, lost the weight, received the promotion, made the move, found the right partner…you can fill in your own blank here.

That’s your Impostor Complex talking and its throwing stall tactics your way. Clever stall tactics that mean you can snooze a little bit longer.

But can you? Can you really afford to snooze any longer?

Thankfully, your soul speaks louder. And you’re finally hearing it.

Let’s get to answering your calling. Your unique and exquisite and divine reason for being on the planet. The one YOU are singularly designed to manifest, bring forth, and share. YOUR starring role.


Let's make it happen together.

"She is the one and only"  -Christina Rasmussen

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