Consider this:

Stepping into your Starring Role may be easier than you thought.


It may be harder than you thought. 

Not everyone will like it. Especially those who feel bigger when you remain smaller.

But it will be everything to you and to the people you are here, really here, to love and to serve.

And from this place, you will be the fullness of who you are. Your funny, wise, powerful, tender, loving, angry, compassionate, pragmatic, dreaming self.

You will know joy. You will know purpose. You will make decisions and choices and right next steps and changes happen.

Organized. On purpose. Activated. Alive. Seen, seeing, known and knowing.

Because from here, you have your shit together.

You KNOW who you are.

You, in your Starring Role.

Glorious, rising and shining.

You’ve been called. And you’re required to answer the call.

(No pressure.)

What the world needs, really really needs is to watch a woman live, speak and stand in her truth without explaining, equivocating, bridging, polishing, smoothing.

Fully, completely and unapologetically.

So, if that means you will start the organization that changes everything? Bring it.
If it means you create the business that allows you the freedom you’ve always desired? Bring it.
If it means you will take the mic and say what needs to be said? Bring it.

Then watch as you inspire ten more women to do the same. Hundreds. Thousands.