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You’ve been called.

You’ve been called to step up, to lead, to serve, to write, to create, to enact change, to generate, to produce, to speak and to succeed. Yes. To succeed.

And I think you’ve heard yourself SAY that you’re ready to answer the call.

It’s just, you’ve also heard yourself say:

It’s too late.
I’m not ready.
It’s all been done.
It doesn’t make sense.
It’s going to be too hard.
No one will listen.

What if none of that was true? I know it SEEMS true. You’ve certainly gathered enough evidence to support these claims. Yet, you’re here reading. Because you know that under the piles of story lives the truth. YOUR truth. And it’s swathed in desire.

Let’s shine some light on that. On you.

It’s your starring role that’s calling. Are you ready to step in?

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All the ways we can make magic

Good coaching is all about forward motion, propulsion, and stepping…

You’re in Good Company

When Tara Gentile got the call about teaching on live video in front of thousands of online viewers, her immediate reaction was, “Who me?”

Have stage. Will inspire.

You’ve got a stage and I’ve got a message. And presence. And power. And persuasion. Let’s talk…

When Things Just Aren’t Clicking

It’s time to shine some light on the situation. The Spotlight Session illuminates the places that seem dark and unknown.

owning our authority

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The real work BEYOND Beyond Compare.

In advance of the launch of the free 5-day Beyond Compare Intro Course (TODAY!), and on the heels of my judgment-free experiment, I decided I wanted to take a run at a full-on comparison-free day. I wanted to really test my mettle and see if I have fully integrated the deep learnings from the work the wondrous Lauren Bacon and I have been devoted to and developing for over TWO years with Beyond Compare. To see how often I found myself comparing myself to people who seem to have it all together. And/or? Comparing myself to the people I believed are doing it alllll wrong and need to get it together. I had imagined that to have a “successful” comparison-free day, I may need to ask someone to hold me accountable (no problem there). Or lay off social media (a little more challenging). Or hold off on any non-essential conversations (near impossible for me). In the end, I didn’t need to do any of those things. I set my intention to AWAKE and went about my day. Refresher: Comparison isn’t bad. It’s a teacher. And can be an excellent one. Transforming the comparison habit isn’t about turning comparison OFF. It’s about turning awareness ON. (Tweet this.) Back to my comparison-free day. In all that I did, I sniffed around for places I might slip into Hero-Worship or Disdain. But what happened was pretty benign: “Oh look at what she’s up to. Cool. What a fantastic match for her. What (if anything) does this tell me about my own desires?” I felt pretty virtuous when I came out squeaky clean...
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