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You’ve been called.

You’ve been called to step up, to lead, to serve, to write, to create, to enact change, to generate, to produce, to speak and to succeed. Yes. To succeed.

And I think you’ve heard yourself SAY that you’re ready to answer the call.

It’s just, you’ve also heard yourself say:

It’s too late.
I’m not ready.
It’s all been done.
It doesn’t make sense.
It’s going to be too hard.
No one will listen.

What if none of that was true? I know it SEEMS true. You’ve certainly gathered enough evidence to support these claims. Yet, you’re here reading. Because you know that under the piles of story lives the truth. YOUR truth. And it’s swathed in desire.

Let’s shine some light on that. On you.

It’s your starring role that’s calling. Are you ready to step in?

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All the ways we can make magic

Good coaching is all about forward motion, propulsion, and stepping…

You’re in Good Company

When Tara Gentile got the call about teaching on live video in front of thousands of online viewers, her immediate reaction was, “Who me?”

Have stage. Will inspire.

You’ve got a stage and I’ve got a message. And presence. And power. And persuasion. Let’s talk…

When Things Just Aren’t Clicking

It’s time to shine some light on the situation. The Spotlight Session illuminates the places that seem dark and unknown.

owning our authority

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What I remembered about EVERYTHING from my Board of Your Life Experience

This post (with the grade school title) has taken me over four weeks to write. Not because it’s that long (should only take you, like, three minutes to read) but because I’ve had so much to unpack since August 4th. That was the day of my first ever Board of Your Life session. As in ME. I HAD the Board of Your LifeTM session. I’ve facilitated plenty and have walked 100’s of people through their own experience using the Board of Your Life kit, but I have never actually treated myself to the full meal deal. And it was full, all right. Like a towering buffet, laden with the most succulent splendour. Like perfectly steamed vegetables glistening like gems of every colour. Like endless trays of lusciously ripe fruits and platters of (sustainable!) seafood and, and, and….beyond. Yes. It was full like THAT. Nourishing. Abundant. Sustaining. Delicious. But even more than nourishing and abundant and sustaining and delicious…it felt essential. Like, OXYGEN essential. Let me back up in case you don’t know what Board of Your Life is. It’s a process, a focus group, a fusion of coaching and brainstorming and heartstorming and barn-raising for your soul that I created long before I even knew what coaching was. It’s an exquisite immersion in who you are, what you’re great at, how you’re showing up and what’s next. To start. And creating it LEAD me to coaching back in 2008. It’s extremely powerful stuff. But once again? It feels essential. Oxygen essential. Like, if-we-lived-in-a-medicine-culture-and-you-lost-your-ability-to-make-your-medicine-it-would-behoove-us-all-to-help-you-to-find-your-medicine-again, essential. And it’s taken me over four weeks to write about it because what I learned...
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