Your desire for excellence isn’t something you want to lose. (I don’t want you to lose it either.) But you know that when it goes unchecked, it can tip you into the land of perfectionism. And when that happens, well, it costs you plenty. Specifically: time, money, opportunities and confidence. All of which are often in short supply to being with. And ultimately, the paradox is that is costs you RESULTS.

Finding that sweet spot between excellence and perfectionism is what distinguishes the amateur from the pro.

This free webinar will help get you back in the director’s chair of the success you desire.


In this one hour webinar:

  • We’ll explore the intersection between perfectionism and the Impostor Complex.
  • We’ll see where it’s been stopping you.
  • And we’ll explore the very tools you need to STOP stopping.
  • So you can:
  • deliver the project
  • raise your rates (now)
  • say yes to the gig
  • and accept the opportunity that just may change everything.

Originally Filmed on Thu, Mar 23, 2017