I’m not talking about faux-celebrity or fame for the sake of fame or elevating yourself because ego demands it or suddenly doubling down on entitlement and demanding all red M&Ms in your dressing room.

Nope. I’m talking about your due. Return on investment. Playing big because you’ve logged the 10,000 hours and you know your work inside out and it will make a difference.

Because you are not the understudy in your own life. You have dreams, you’ve done the work and this is your role.

The Impostor Complex is the beast between you and your dreams - 

- the dreams you’ve rightfully earned with your excellent work.

And when you’ve earned it but something is preventing you from claiming it…

...well that’s not okay. The Impostor Complex needs an intervention.

(You don’t need an intervention. The Impostor does. It has to go.) 

A parallel, if you will:

If, for example, you made every mortgage payment but were refused the deed and the right to move into the house you invested in and paid for…

...you’d raise a ruckus, yes?