You, in control of your dreams. 
You, claiming your opportunities. 
You, leveraging those opportunities to create even more possibilities.
You, asking for the introduction.
You, making the pitch.
You, growing your impact.
You, growing your bottom line.
You, standing in your success. 
You, owning that success because you invested in it.
Hell, let’s be real: you invented it.

And the only thing between here and your magical there is a growling, drooling beast of an Impostor Complex.

Here’s what I want you to know about your own snarling and sneaky Impostor Complex: 

You can tame it.

You will tame it.

You will step into your starring role, because this thing you’ve created: it’s yours.

Let’s do this thing.


The work I did during this course, with your guidance, gave me the permission to trust myself, helped me believe that my experiences are worthy, and brought me to a place where I could get quiet enough to hear my own wisdom. This is priceless.

Tania Wojciechowski