I know I’m in my own way.
I have a hard time taking credit for my success.
I believe I can play bigger than I am…but I just don’t.
It’s just a matter of time before this all comes crumbling down.
I pass up opportunities I think I want because I don’t feel ready…yet.
I want to write my book but who’s going to publish someone as small as me?
I feel badly for people when they sign up for my services…they deserve someone better.



Your Impostor Complex is denying you - wrongfully - the fruits of your own labour.

Of your life’s work.

The Impostor Complex is whispering lies in your ear.

But the truth is louder than the Impostor Complex.

Here’s the truth:

You know your work better than anyone.

You have the skills, the talents, and the capacity.

You have all the tools you need to be a raging success.

You have the stuff of which legends are made.

You did the work, you deserve it and you are going to claim it.

Here’s how you claim it:

By vanquishing your Impostor Complex.
By stepping into your starring role
(and that’s got nothing to do with pseudo-fame and everything to do with your impact)
By deciding.


This process has been life-changing and life-shattering for me, in a good way. I truly appreciate your uncanny talent as an archaeologist of abandoned dreams.

Debra Eve