Decide to Strive

Make a declaration to yourself, to me, and to the world that you're ready for more. Decide it, declare it, be it.


Meet the critics

Here’s the thing: it’s not all in your head. In everyone’s life and career, there are real external critics as well as the ones nattering away inside of you - but neither have to stop you. Learn to vanquish imaginary criticism AND strategies for meeting and successfully navigating the real stuff so it can no longer hold you back. Ever.


bolster your authority

Collect the evidence and deepen into the proof - and it is there, trust me - that THIS is your time.


Assemble Your Cast

You don’t have to go it alone. In fact, it’s essential that you don’t. The Impostor Complex wants to isolate you so go ahead and foil its plans by gathering the people who will support & nurture you - both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.


Jump & Do the Work

You’ve laid the foundations, you’ve trained for the race so let’s make it happen. Now.




Allow yourself to bask in the glow. You've earned it and here’s the big secret successful people know about celebration: it sustains you in your journey. It’s not a cherry on top. It’s essential to fuel your rise.