• You know that it’s time to expand, for the good of yourself and the good of everyone around you.
  • You know that it no longer serves you or anyone else to hide behind roles that don’t fit (if it ever did).
  • You know that it’s time to share your work on a much grander scale.
  • You are prepared to dive in and get to work…both the inner and outer work, that is.
  • You are ready to see and be seen.
  • You can feel the truth in your body. It knows. (Even if your head is challenging you.)
  • You are tired of being told you have to fake it 'til you make it. You're ready to MAKE IT.
  • You have decided.


It's brilliant. Soulful. It's reminding me that I can stand up + shine brightly like a super nova. Total eclipse o' my heart stuff.

Theresa Reed

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time should I plan on giving this program per week?

The program is structured so that while the material runs deep, it won’t take over your life. All exercises are downloadable for you to do at your own pace. We suggest that you set aside three hours a week for the content, but it really depends on your learning style. (Remember that this is a process you’ll come back to time and time again, well beyond the 11 weeks.)

Do you offer refunds?

No, but if you decide the program isn't for you within the first module, reach out and we will happily grant you permission to pass your copy along to someone else who will love it. And, of course, if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

Who’s this NOT for?

This won’t be a match if you’re entirely unsure what that starring role might even be. We certainly spend some time at the
beginning defining and refining what your role is, but you really need to show up with a starting point for what it is that you want to grow, shift, change, or create. This is also not a match if you’re looking for marketing, sales or business advice. While knowing your starring role can absolutely bolster your professional authority, this is not a business ecourse.

I’m confused by the “stage” language. Is this a course on public speaking? What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?

Short answer: No, this is not a course on public speaking. Though it will make you a better public speaker (if that’s your thing.) The stage is a metaphor. Except when it’s not.

More confused than ever? Stick with me here.

Taking the stage means that you are leading with your work. No longer hiding behind the curtains in the wings. (I just can’t quit the theatrical metaphors.) Sharing your world-changing work, message and self in a way that is no longer cloaked in apology. No longer shrouded in your Impostor Complex. Because it’s steeped in truth and your actual, LIVED confidence. Not a veneer of manufactured confidence, but rather cellular-level confidence. You will lead more confidently. Speak more confidently. Write more confidently. Be in relationships more confidently. And what happens then? Well. I think you can imagine.

Here’s the thing. As long as I’ve been doing this work, I’ve been asked that question: “What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?” And I respond as I have above: it’s a metaphor (and not). Many people are satisfied with that and can see the applications for their work in the world. What would happen if they could become more confident in their vocation. Had the tools to overcome their Impostor Complex time and time (and time) again. Allowed themselves to take up just a little more space at the boardroom table. Or the kitchen table. And these brave ones will and enter this Step Into Your Starring Role work with arms opened wide and wondrous outcomes to share with me down the road.

But then there are the ones who protest just a little too much about not wanting to step onto a stage. And with them I’ll lean in a little, look them right in the eye and ask them: “Do you really not want to step onto the stage?” “Lord no,” they’ll exclaim. And I’ll ask them again. “Do you really really not want to step onto the stage?” Now they’ve heard me. They go quiet as they go inward. They scan for the truth in their body. Then a little glimmer in their eyes shines. There. Right there. They’ve touched on the desire that they’ve shelved for far too long. Because of ancient stories of “too much” and “good girls” and what’s right and proper. And then I’ll know what they know. And they will see what I can see. They cannot unsee that. 

This is the work that will actualize those desires. On stage. And off. 

I’m not seeking fame or celebrity or that level of visibility. I just want to do my work and make in impact - shouldn't I just focus on that? 

I hear that. And yes, that’s what I want for you, fervently: to be able to do your work, focus, get momentum, and make the impact you’re envisioning. When I’m encouraging you to step into your starring role, what I mean is this: you are the centre of your own life. Your work doesn’t get done without you. In every dreamer and doer’s life, there are real internal and external critics who set up hurdles and obstacles in your path and whose skepticism you may internalize and call your own. Obviously, self-doubt, avoidance and small moves can impede your progress on your own work and prevent you from fully realizing your vision. When I say step into your starring role, I’m calling you back to your own centre. To step into your own vision and own your impact – and fully realize it – it’s essential get the skills to navigate criticism, doubt and skepticism. That’s how you stop hanging out at the fringes of your own work. Give yourself permission, get those doubt-squashing skills, evade the momentum-busters, and do it. Make your vision happen. That’s what your Starring Role Playbook is about: you stepping into the centre of your own life and work.


What I REALLY want to do is write a book, speak on stage, get funding for my non-profit and basically make something magnificent happen. Shouldn't I be doing that instead of this course? 

Doing the work to minimize and handle your Impostor Complex does not mean putting everything else on pause – but not getting these skills might put your vision on hold. Your Starring Role Playbook is a self-study course (with lots of support and a capable structure) which means you fold it into your life and work. You do it on your terms, at your pace, on your schedule. It doesn’t distract you from your project or disrupt your progress. It facilitates it, because it helps you builds the skills you need to handle egregious external criticism and obstacles, vanquish pernicious and illegitimate self-doubt, and not let rejection slow your roll. All of these things are inevitable when you’re leveling up your impact, and if they catch you by surprise or unequipped, they can seriously undermine your capacity to do your work. So that’s what your Starring Role Playbook is about: skill-building and pro-active risk-management to tame both the external critics and your own Impostor Complex. Folding your Starring Role Playbook into your life immunizes you and your work against the monsters under the bed (and in your head!) who will try to eat your vision before you put it into the world. And no, that’s not going to happen. Your project and your vision are way too important for that.

What happens when I press “Buy Now”?

Other than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made the right call to step up for yourself?
Well, you’ll receive an email confirming your wise purchase which sets the 11-week series in motion.

Yes. You're ready.

You, the leader
You, the hand-raiser
You, the contract-signer
You, the change-maker
You, the speaker, the author, the entrepreneur, the artist, the healer, the lightworker, the visionary
You, stepping into YOUR Starring Role.


Because you are NOT the understudy in your own life 


Down front and centre stage. You’ve been called. 

You have decided.

You have invested.
You have logged the hours.
You have done the work and you have the capacity for so much more.

It’s your time.

Let's do this thing.

If you're keen to immerse yourself in this work over a weekend, go ahead and purchase the ON-DEMAND version here.

If you prefer to take your time with transformation and trust in the timed spacing of the 11-week curriculum, this is the option you want. 

I was one of those people who didn’t think I suffered from the Imposter Complex until the day I realized that I was holding myself back in so many different ways in my business. I wasn’t putting myself out there, I wasn’t getting the visibility that I needed. I wasn’t getting my message that I believe in out there. I realized that it was because of the Imposter Complex. So what Step Into Your Starring Role did for me I think one of the most powerful things was really finding out what my starring role was. 

Because I thought my starring role was about being a Mr Miyagi, being that the ultimate teacher of communication and really what it is is being the leader of leaders which is so great and so massive and still scares me a little bit. Ever since I’ve been able to name that role, I’ve seen opportunities to actually step into it. For instance, I did a workshop for fire chiefs in Austin, TX and those people are the leaders of their department they represent the needs of the community for community safety, city councils. 

It was such an honor to be in front of them and lead them through a training. I also decided to release a book called “Speak for Impact” which really put. The funny thing is I think about it as marking my territory in the speaking world. The book represents what I want to be known for. Speaking , building your speech product, knowing how you stand out, how you’re different. 

Usually when I do a work like that, it will be great and then I don’t do anything to promote it. I go back into the hiding mode but the leader of leaders can’t hide. She has to let her work be known. She has to let other leaders find it. It was really remarkable putting myself out there and asking, asking for help. I guess I’m not horrible at it anymore, I’m good at asking for help. I asked my community if they would help me launch a book and I got like 37 applications in an hour for the book launch which was tremendous. I reached out to people like you and Tara Gentile and asked for help and support and it was great. The book launch was massive massive success. It rocketed to the top of the number one bestseller list in it’s category on Amazon. It’s still getting into more and more people’s hands everyday. It’s still on the bestsellers list 2 weeks later. 

It was because I found my voice and I was able to ask for support and that was something that was a huge break for me. Just huge. Honestly I couldn’t have done it without Step Into Your Starring Role, without Helen’s support as my accountability partner. You were so spot on pairing us up together. I love being connected with her and being on this continual journey because I’m about ready to dive back into the course and define what my next step is. Really figure that out for myself and I’ve got some ideas percolating. I’m not exactly sure yet, but I know that this type of work is ongoing so thank you so much my love. You are an amazing coach, an amazing mentor. 

The emails to me I felt like you just saw into my soul and called me out on some of my BS, and it was just it’s an amazing course and I will be recommending it to everyone because I work with a lot of people who also suffer from the Imposter Complex, even if they don’t know how to name it. 

Oh my gosh, so many people need you and this program!!

Dr Michelle Mazur