So, the Starring Role Playbook’s sitting on your virtual shelf.

You had best intentions when you bought it or sought it out. You sense that it holds some keys for unlocking your potential.

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Can I let you in on a little secret?

The reason you haven’t sunk into the work yet isn’t really a lack of time. (I mean, sure, that’s SOME of the issue.)

But even more likely (and debilitating) is that I think you don’t believe that you’re going to be able to activate on the gifts that it holds.

And so you procrastinate. You diminish. You compare.

And guess where that belief comes from?

You guessed it.

The Impostor Complex.

The VERY thing this program is designed to help you overcome.


(Full circles are the best.)



And THAT, Dear One, is precisely why I’m offering this FREE virtual retreat day.

Let’s get you into action with like-minded folx looking to Step into their Starring Role.

You already have the tool.
Now let’s USE it.

When you register, we’ll send you a checklist  of things to have on hand as well as worksheets for the day.

We will convene at 10:00am EST on November 21 with candles lit and prepared to enter the deliciousness of the day (we will wrap by 4:15p EST).

I will lead you and your fellow star steppers in the Step into Your Starring Role work. Deep, Rich and Transformative. By the end of the day, you will know your what’s next, your how, the barriers, how to overcome them, and you will be in action.

There will be coaching, there will be seeing, there will be listening and there WILL be activation.


In short: you WILL KNOW HOW TO step into your starring role. The one you’ve been waiting for all along. The one that’s been waiting for you to step in.

No bigs.

We’ll be using the zoom platform (and the break-out room functions therein).

This is the first time we’re running this virtual retreat so we’re limiting the spaces to 40 spots. They will be in high demand so we do ask that given these spots are FREE that you only register if you are fully committed to showing up.

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