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You have done the work and that work - and you - deserve a bigger stage.






You have done the work and that work - and you - deserve a bigger stage.




I’m not talking about faux-celebrity or fame for the sake of fame or elevating yourself because ego demands it or suddenly doubling down on entitlement and demanding all red M&Ms in your dressing room.

Nope. I’m talking about your due. Return on investment. Playing big because you’ve logged the 10,000 hours and you know your work inside out and it will make a difference.

Because you are not the understudy in your own life. You have dreams, you’ve done the work and this is your role.

The Impostor Complex is the beast between you and your dreams - 

- the dreams you’ve rightfully earned with your excellent work.

And when you’ve earned it but something is preventing you from claiming it…

...well that’s not okay. The Impostor Complex needs an intervention.

(You don’t need an intervention. The Impostor does. It has to go.) 

A parallel, if you will:

If, for example, you made every mortgage payment but were refused the deed and the right to move into the house you invested in and paid for…’d raise a ruckus, yes?

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Caps truly, madly, deeply warranted.


Caps truly, madly, deeply warranted.

Because when it comes to your work in the world, the Impostor Complex is preventing you from moving into the house you built and paid for and deserve.

And it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s not going to be like that.

Nope, nope, nope.

The Impostor Complex is not going to win. 
No one else is going to claim your role.

Let’s say no to Impostor Complex and yes to the future you’ve already created.

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You, in control of your dreams. 
You, claiming your opportunities. 
You, leveraging those opportunities to create even more possibilities.
You, asking for the introduction.
You, making the pitch.
You, growing your impact.
You, growing your bottom line.
You, standing in your success. 
You, owning that success because you invested in it.
Hell, let’s be real: you invented it.

And the only thing between here and your magical there is a growling, drooling beast of an Impostor Complex.

Here’s what I want you to know about your own snarling and sneaky Impostor Complex: 

You can tame it.

You will tame it.

You will step into your starring role, because this thing you’ve created: it’s yours.

Let’s do this thing.


The work I did during this course, with your guidance, gave me the permission to trust myself, helped me believe that my experiences are worthy, and brought me to a place where I could get quiet enough to hear my own wisdom. This is priceless.

Tania Wojciechowski



An 11-week self-study program for taming your Impostor Complex so it can no longer hold you back in your career and work


An 11-week self-study program for taming your Impostor Complex so it can no longer hold you back in your career and work

It’s based on my proven ‘Step into Your Starring Role’ coaching process that I’ve been using it FOR YEARS to help my coaching clients breakthrough and break-out.

And now it’s available to you in an even more more accessible and wholly self-determined way.

Use Your Starring Role Playbook (the self-guided version of Step Into Your Starring Role) to leverage the process I’ve used with hundreds of 1:1 clients…

while doing it on your own terms 

at your own pace 

and on your schedule (yes!)

...and finally shrink the toxic presence of Impostor Complex in your life and work


Since starting Step Into Your Starring Role, a number of things have happened. I applied to speak and spoke in front of 3000 people at the World Domination Summit. I self-published a beautiful book. I published an essay that was Staff Pick on Longreads, analyzed by the MIT Science Journalism blog, and selected as Weekend Reading by the New Yorker Online - and I just found out that a production company is interested in the film and TV rights. Coincidence? Not at all. I know that the things I learned in SIYSR not only impacted the last few months of my life, but are also things that I can return to again and again. And that is absolutely amazing.

Esmé Weijun Wang

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I know I’m in my own way.
I have a hard time taking credit for my success.
I believe I can play bigger than I am…but I just don’t.
It’s just a matter of time before this all comes crumbling down.
I pass up opportunities I think I want because I don’t feel ready…yet.
I want to write my book but who’s going to publish someone as small as me?
I feel badly for people when they sign up for my services…they deserve someone better.



Your Impostor Complex is denying you - wrongfully - the fruits of your own labour.

Of your life’s work.

The Impostor Complex is whispering lies in your ear.

But the truth is louder than the Impostor Complex.

Here’s the truth:

You know your work better than anyone.

You have the skills, the talents, and the capacity.

You have all the tools you need to be a raging success.

You have the stuff of which legends are made.

You did the work, you deserve it and you are going to claim it.

Here’s how you claim it:

By vanquishing your Impostor Complex.
By stepping into your starring role
(and that’s got nothing to do with pseudo-fame and everything to do with your impact)
By deciding.


This process has been life-changing and life-shattering for me, in a good way. I truly appreciate your uncanny talent as an archaeologist of abandoned dreams.

Debra Eve

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When Tara Gentile got the call about teaching on live video in front of thousands of online viewers, her immediate reaction was, "Who me?" She looked around at all the other men & women teaching business online and thought
she just didn't stack up.

Not thin enough. Not pretty enough. And not nearly enough experience to justify saying yes to this opportunity.

She wasn't thinking about the fact that she's coached well-respected leaders on how to make more money and work less in their businesses. Never mind that she's been featured in bestselling books and industry-leading magazines. Forget that she's built a six-figure business from the ashes of a "career" in retail management. Tara almost said no to this big opportunity. Why? It's the Impostor Complex. 

We all deal with it. And more than any other issue, it's responsible for more women being kept out of the spotlight, not realizing their dreams, and not serving others the way they want to serve.

Impostor Complex is that nagging little voice that tells you you're not worthy, not experienced enough, not skilled enough. It's that anti-conscience that keeps you always on the verge of greatness.

And, I'm tired of it. (I bet you are too.

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Your success is already here.
The Impostor Complex is just standing in its way.


Your success is already here.
The Impostor Complex is just standing in its way.

In a way, The Impostor Complex is just trying to keep you safe.


You’re afraid of your success.
You’re afraid that it will be fleeting.
You’re afraid that it will change you.
You’re afraid that it will change your relationships.

The thousands of hours that I’ve coached brilliant lights like you has shown me that I’m right about this. You know change is afoot.

But change is inevitable. The Impostor Complex can’t prevent it…

...but it can prevent you from steering your change, designing it, making it useful, making it serve, making it glorious.

It can prevent you from seeing the full scope of your own capacities - and if you can’t see them, you can’t step into them.

Which is what Step into Your Starring Role is all about. You seeing who you are, fully, and stepping into it. 


This program had a tough start for me; it was scary to delve into my insecurities and vulnerabilities. Tanya's stories, videos and worksheets, plus her monthly office sessions, are a wonderful platform for self study. The questions she asks are really helping me connect with my starring role, helping me understand how I'm me and why I'm here. It's tough work but so, so worth it. Trust Tanya to guide you along the way; she truly wants to help you find and step into your starring role. You will see that she has an amazing talent for helping you find what you are seeking. She asks the hard questions, but in a gentle yet insightful way.She continues to amaze me in her accuracy and ability to hone in on what's true and important. I have so much love for Tanya and her work. 

Laurie Rauk

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Your Starring Role Playbook is an 11-week program 

that takes you from 

self-doubting people-pleaser waiting in the wings for your big break


confident opportunity-taker and impact-grower

(because that’s what your genius deserves and your soul desires!) 

Step into your role and be the Leader, Healer, Creative, Lightworker, Visionary that you are.

Yes. Step into YOUR Starring Role.

(And the best part? The process you’ll learn is a repeatable, iterative process that you can fortify yourself with time and time again - 

- as in, every time you are asked to take the stage, the deal, the contract, the raise and the mic.

THIS is the process you’ll use. This is your ongoing evolution, sustained and supported.)

You will raise your hand at the Board meeting and take up your rightful place in the circle. 

You will say what needs to be said. 

You will stand in your authority. 

You will say YES. Clearly and fully and exuberantly

Your success will be nothing to be feared and everything to be celebrated

Thank YOU for stepping into YOUR Starring Role! Your work in the world will certainly help me do my work in the world! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Where do I begin with the a-ha's?

This program made me ask myself, "am I shy or am I hiding"? Dang it, I've been hiding.

"Thank you" just doesn't feel like enough but thank you for triggering all my next "right steps."

Melsha Shea

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Or your career.


Or your career.

Remember Tara, fretting that she wasn’t ready to step into her starring role?
Tara stepped on stage, in front of the cameras, and helped to change the lives of over 14,000 people (and counting). Several months later, she did it again. And again.

You can, too.

It's time to step into the spotlight. 

It's time to live and work audaciously. 

It's time to ignore the nagging little voices and speak up.

I'm immensely grateful to have found Tanya's work -- I wish I knew about her a year ago. Stepping into your "Starring Role" is an iterative experience that requires a detailed PROCESS if you want to make lasting, REAL shifts.

I need to feel confident in all that I do AND I'm someone who appreciates and prefers STRUCTURE -- loosey goosey ain't my thing. And, process and structure that moves you UP and OUT is EXACTLY what you get from Tanya's work.

If you're wondering how you can possibly ever unlock WHO YOU NEED TO BECOME to be the next best version of yourself, Tanya's got the master key -- if you're willing to dig deep and honestly do the work. Do NOT waste your time, energy or money on anything else.

Lena West

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  • 11 weekly emails including videos, audios and exercises you'll use to fortify yourself and come back to every time you breakthrough and level up...which is to say, time and time again.
  • Six modules to work through + five content interludes that produce mindset shifts, epiphanies, deepened discovery and wild conviction.
  • (Optional) Matching with a fellow course participant as accountability partners. Get community, get momentum and sustain it.
  • Opportunity to work 1:1 with me at a very reduced rate so that, if you need to or choose to, you can laser in on a particular challenge or deepen and accelerate your process.


"Tanya, you are an Oracle. How you got me from there to there in two questions is astounding."

- Starring Role Playbook after a monthly Office Hour call

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(and beyond!)


(and beyond!)



Decide to Strive

Make a declaration to yourself, to me, and to the world that you're ready for more. Decide it, declare it, be it.


Meet the critics

Here’s the thing: it’s not all in your head. In everyone’s life and career, there are real external critics as well as the ones nattering away inside of you - but neither have to stop you. Learn to vanquish imaginary criticism AND strategies for meeting and successfully navigating the real stuff so it can no longer hold you back. Ever.


bolster your authority

Collect the evidence and deepen into the proof - and it is there, trust me - that THIS is your time.


Assemble Your Cast

You don’t have to go it alone. In fact, it’s essential that you don’t. The Impostor Complex wants to isolate you so go ahead and foil its plans by gathering the people who will support & nurture you - both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.


Jump & Do the Work

You’ve laid the foundations, you’ve trained for the race so let’s make it happen. Now.




Allow yourself to bask in the glow. You've earned it and here’s the big secret successful people know about celebration: it sustains you in your journey. It’s not a cherry on top. It’s essential to fuel your rise.

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About Tanya

About Tanya

I have worked with hundreds of women on owning their goals, finding clarity in their purpose, and getting the results that change their lives. I'm a masterful CTI-certified life coach, a wife, a mom, and TEDx Women speaker (on, what else? The Impostor Complex). I’ve been called The “Star Tipper” by Danielle LaPorte and the Empress of Empowerment by more clients than I can count. I’m pretty proud of both of those monikers. 

I love fiercely.
I live boldly.

And I have also listened to the ugly voice of the Impostor Complex one too many times.

This program is the result of years of curiosity about my own personal struggle, my own seeming lack of ability to let the light shine on my greatest gifts. It's also the fourth time I've run this. To wild and thunderous applause.

It's the culmination of research, coaching experience, and alas, life experience.



Lisa Briggs.png

Lisa Briggs

Step Into Your Starring Role allowed me to finally name and articulate not just the words, but the feeling of who I am and what I do in my work. I could see and know the truth of who I am and what I create. That changed so much about my work- it made it easier to write copy, to create programs, and to walk in the world in a newly refined energy and my Divine Identity. Working with Tanya Geisler in any capacity, is something I would recommend to those I most love... she is beyond talented, intuitive, generous... she is unusual.

Sign yourself up.

Amy Miyamoto

The most unexpected and delightful surprise was the power of the community of bright stars she attracted here to do this transformational work with me. It really put a point on the universality of the growing pains involved with this quantum leap work. Having Tanya and these powerful women in my corner gave me much courage in taking the big leaps and trusting that I would be safe and held no matter the outcome.

Christine Francoeur

The program Tanya’s developed to help us understand and conquer why we hold ourselves back is so unique, insightful and truly brilliant! 
Many times I sat back completely astounded. She’s a masterful coach and it shows. She was able to turn my impostor complex upside down and invite me to accept what I hold true in my heart. Drop any doubt and
step up with Tanya. She’s got you.

Amy Palko

I am leaving this program with a much deeper appreciation of my own values, with a system I can apply to every new cycle of my growth, and with a grounded sense of my own worth. I am leaving this program with that missing piece of myself fully integrated.
I am leaving this program whole.

Barbara Churchill

I wanted to let you know I've made some really amazing progress with my Inner Critic work and my confidence level. I've had a couple of business clients that hired me to speak, then were blown away by the outcomes and want more of what I do. Totally fabulous!!!! I made a breakthrough and realize that my value, my worth, my gifts and talents MUST be shared because they were given to me to do so. I haven't felt this good in a very long time - if ever.

Thank you SO much for this course and the work I've gotten to do. I am a stronger, more powerful woman because of it.

Thekla Richter

I would recommend Step Into Your Starring Role to any woman who needs to bridge the maddening gap between “almost ready” and “truly ready” to move forward and manifest her dreams. Tanya’s powerful exercises, perceptive witnessing and gently nudging support all helped me realize how I could begin to more deeply engage with my own strengths and inner critics.

SIYSR Alumni 10%2F14%2F16.png
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Ready for your starring role?

Your Starring Role Playbook is for you if you:

Ready for your starring role?

Your Starring Role Playbook is for you if you:

  • You know that it’s time to expand, for the good of yourself and the good of everyone around you.
  • You know that it no longer serves you or anyone else to hide behind roles that don’t fit (if it ever did).
  • You know that it’s time to share your work on a much grander scale.
  • You are prepared to dive in and get to work…both the inner and outer work, that is.
  • You are ready to see and be seen.
  • You can feel the truth in your body. It knows. (Even if your head is challenging you.)
  • You are tired of being told you have to fake it 'til you make it. You're ready to MAKE IT.
  • You have decided.


It's brilliant. Soulful. It's reminding me that I can stand up + shine brightly like a super nova. Total eclipse o' my heart stuff.

Theresa Reed

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time should I plan on giving this program per week?

The program is structured so that while the material runs deep, it won’t take over your life. All exercises are downloadable for you to do at your own pace. We suggest that you set aside three hours a week for the content, but it really depends on your learning style. (Remember that this is a process you’ll come back to time and time again, well beyond the 11 weeks.)

Do you offer refunds?

No, but if you decide the program isn't for you within the first module, reach out and we will happily grant you permission to pass your copy along to someone else who will love it. And, of course, if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

Who’s this NOT for?

This won’t be a match if you’re entirely unsure what that starring role might even be. We certainly spend some time at the
beginning defining and refining what your role is, but you really need to show up with a starting point for what it is that you want to grow, shift, change, or create. This is also not a match if you’re looking for marketing, sales or business advice. While knowing your starring role can absolutely bolster your professional authority, this is not a business ecourse.

I’m confused by the “stage” language. Is this a course on public speaking? What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?

Short answer: No, this is not a course on public speaking. Though it will make you a better public speaker (if that’s your thing.) The stage is a metaphor. Except when it’s not.

More confused than ever? Stick with me here.

Taking the stage means that you are leading with your work. No longer hiding behind the curtains in the wings. (I just can’t quit the theatrical metaphors.) Sharing your world-changing work, message and self in a way that is no longer cloaked in apology. No longer shrouded in your Impostor Complex. Because it’s steeped in truth and your actual, LIVED confidence. Not a veneer of manufactured confidence, but rather cellular-level confidence. You will lead more confidently. Speak more confidently. Write more confidently. Be in relationships more confidently. And what happens then? Well. I think you can imagine.

Here’s the thing. As long as I’ve been doing this work, I’ve been asked that question: “What if I’m not really interested in stepping onto a stage?” And I respond as I have above: it’s a metaphor (and not). Many people are satisfied with that and can see the applications for their work in the world. What would happen if they could become more confident in their vocation. Had the tools to overcome their Impostor Complex time and time (and time) again. Allowed themselves to take up just a little more space at the boardroom table. Or the kitchen table. And these brave ones will and enter this Step Into Your Starring Role work with arms opened wide and wondrous outcomes to share with me down the road.

But then there are the ones who protest just a little too much about not wanting to step onto a stage. And with them I’ll lean in a little, look them right in the eye and ask them: “Do you really not want to step onto the stage?” “Lord no,” they’ll exclaim. And I’ll ask them again. “Do you really really not want to step onto the stage?” Now they’ve heard me. They go quiet as they go inward. They scan for the truth in their body. Then a little glimmer in their eyes shines. There. Right there. They’ve touched on the desire that they’ve shelved for far too long. Because of ancient stories of “too much” and “good girls” and what’s right and proper. And then I’ll know what they know. And they will see what I can see. They cannot unsee that. 

This is the work that will actualize those desires. On stage. And off. 

I’m not seeking fame or celebrity or that level of visibility. I just want to do my work and make in impact - shouldn't I just focus on that? 

I hear that. And yes, that’s what I want for you, fervently: to be able to do your work, focus, get momentum, and make the impact you’re envisioning. When I’m encouraging you to step into your starring role, what I mean is this: you are the centre of your own life. Your work doesn’t get done without you. In every dreamer and doer’s life, there are real internal and external critics who set up hurdles and obstacles in your path and whose skepticism you may internalize and call your own. Obviously, self-doubt, avoidance and small moves can impede your progress on your own work and prevent you from fully realizing your vision. When I say step into your starring role, I’m calling you back to your own centre. To step into your own vision and own your impact – and fully realize it – it’s essential get the skills to navigate criticism, doubt and skepticism. That’s how you stop hanging out at the fringes of your own work. Give yourself permission, get those doubt-squashing skills, evade the momentum-busters, and do it. Make your vision happen. That’s what your Starring Role Playbook is about: you stepping into the centre of your own life and work.


What I REALLY want to do is write a book, speak on stage, get funding for my non-profit and basically make something magnificent happen. Shouldn't I be doing that instead of this course? 

Doing the work to minimize and handle your Impostor Complex does not mean putting everything else on pause – but not getting these skills might put your vision on hold. Your Starring Role Playbook is a self-study course (with lots of support and a capable structure) which means you fold it into your life and work. You do it on your terms, at your pace, on your schedule. It doesn’t distract you from your project or disrupt your progress. It facilitates it, because it helps you builds the skills you need to handle egregious external criticism and obstacles, vanquish pernicious and illegitimate self-doubt, and not let rejection slow your roll. All of these things are inevitable when you’re leveling up your impact, and if they catch you by surprise or unequipped, they can seriously undermine your capacity to do your work. So that’s what your Starring Role Playbook is about: skill-building and pro-active risk-management to tame both the external critics and your own Impostor Complex. Folding your Starring Role Playbook into your life immunizes you and your work against the monsters under the bed (and in your head!) who will try to eat your vision before you put it into the world. And no, that’s not going to happen. Your project and your vision are way too important for that.

What happens when I press “Buy Now”?

Other than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made the right call to step up for yourself?
Well, you’ll receive an email confirming your wise purchase which sets the 11-week series in motion.

Yes. You're ready.

You, the leader
You, the hand-raiser
You, the contract-signer
You, the change-maker
You, the speaker, the author, the entrepreneur, the artist, the healer, the lightworker, the visionary
You, stepping into YOUR Starring Role.


Because you are NOT the understudy in your own life 


Down front and centre stage. You’ve been called. 

You have decided.

You have invested.
You have logged the hours.
You have done the work and you have the capacity for so much more.

It’s your time.

Let's do this thing.

If you're keen to immerse yourself in this work over a weekend, go ahead and purchase the ON-DEMAND version here.

If you prefer to take your time with transformation and trust in the timed spacing of the 11-week curriculum, this is the option you want. 

I was one of those people who didn’t think I suffered from the Imposter Complex until the day I realized that I was holding myself back in so many different ways in my business. I wasn’t putting myself out there, I wasn’t getting the visibility that I needed. I wasn’t getting my message that I believe in out there. I realized that it was because of the Imposter Complex. So what Step Into Your Starring Role did for me I think one of the most powerful things was really finding out what my starring role was. 

Because I thought my starring role was about being a Mr Miyagi, being that the ultimate teacher of communication and really what it is is being the leader of leaders which is so great and so massive and still scares me a little bit. Ever since I’ve been able to name that role, I’ve seen opportunities to actually step into it. For instance, I did a workshop for fire chiefs in Austin, TX and those people are the leaders of their department they represent the needs of the community for community safety, city councils. 

It was such an honor to be in front of them and lead them through a training. I also decided to release a book called “Speak for Impact” which really put. The funny thing is I think about it as marking my territory in the speaking world. The book represents what I want to be known for. Speaking , building your speech product, knowing how you stand out, how you’re different. 

Usually when I do a work like that, it will be great and then I don’t do anything to promote it. I go back into the hiding mode but the leader of leaders can’t hide. She has to let her work be known. She has to let other leaders find it. It was really remarkable putting myself out there and asking, asking for help. I guess I’m not horrible at it anymore, I’m good at asking for help. I asked my community if they would help me launch a book and I got like 37 applications in an hour for the book launch which was tremendous. I reached out to people like you and Tara Gentile and asked for help and support and it was great. The book launch was massive massive success. It rocketed to the top of the number one bestseller list in it’s category on Amazon. It’s still getting into more and more people’s hands everyday. It’s still on the bestsellers list 2 weeks later. 

It was because I found my voice and I was able to ask for support and that was something that was a huge break for me. Just huge. Honestly I couldn’t have done it without Step Into Your Starring Role, without Helen’s support as my accountability partner. You were so spot on pairing us up together. I love being connected with her and being on this continual journey because I’m about ready to dive back into the course and define what my next step is. Really figure that out for myself and I’ve got some ideas percolating. I’m not exactly sure yet, but I know that this type of work is ongoing so thank you so much my love. You are an amazing coach, an amazing mentor. 

The emails to me I felt like you just saw into my soul and called me out on some of my BS, and it was just it’s an amazing course and I will be recommending it to everyone because I work with a lot of people who also suffer from the Imposter Complex, even if they don’t know how to name it. 

Oh my gosh, so many people need you and this program!!

Dr Michelle Mazur