To avoid feeling like a fraud, the Impostor Complex has us hide out in certain behaviours: diminishment, perfectionism, comparison, leaky boundaries, people-pleasing, or in your case: PROCRASTINATION.

It’s an AWFUL feeling that we dread experiencing… being found out, right? The other shoe dropping. Being unmasked. WE know better, after all, than everyone around us. WE ARE THE IMPOSTORS. We are CERTAIN of it. And it’s just a matter of time before “THEY” find out. So… why tip our hands? Isn’t it better if we just lay low? Stay out of the action? Then no one can find out that we really aren’t as capable as they had imagined, right?
Except this: when you stay out of action, you deprive us of the gift you are. The gifts that you’ve been given. You deprive of us the YOU that we need.
So don’t. Get into action.

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  • Why you do this (psst… it’s not all bad!); 
  • How it relates to the Impostor Complex and has been in the way of your Unshakeable Confidence; and,
  • Above all, what you can do to move past this so you can shine even brighter. Because we neeeeeed you at full strength.